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In May, 2014 I published my first devotional (nonfiction) post here at no cost to my readers. Since then, I’ve lovingly presented 221 additional articles on biblical topics for your encouragement, edification and spiritual growth. 

Cost: Yes, blogging is a labor of love but WordPress isn’t interested in bartering. These posts take several hours to develop (writing, editing, prayer and illustration). I’ve cheerfully worked for free for four years, absorbing blog expenses as unto the Lord, but felt it was time to invite my readers to partner with me in support of this important work. “A laborer deserves his wages” 1 Timothy 5:18 tells us. Up to now, your kind comments provide the emotional and psychological rewards that fuel my efforts, but donations would cover the expenses associated with keeping this site active. Your donations will pay for blog hosting, domain names, advertising and blog plan fees.

Lion resting

OK, so my cat is not quite this big …

Thank You! I’m extremely grateful for whatever support you provide. Thank you, blog readers for returning here week after week, sharing my posts and commenting on them. Your responses indicate that I’m adding value to your life. Yay, God! May Jesus be glorified! Your responses also make writing these posts fun. 

Keep Ads Minimal: Your funding helps support Healing Writer’s growth and keeps ads minimized. Another way folks fund blogs is by monetizing them by selling books as well as  advertising space to corporate sponsors, an idea I considered but have resisted out of caution. You come here to find solace from the noise of the world, not be hammered by ads. Maintaining my freedom of speech is paramount, especially on a blog with a Christian worldview. Corporate sponsorship could influence my perspective and I won’t allow anything to inhibit being a pillar of truth. Again, your loyal readership is treasured.


AustinAbi 4 mos

Meet Mister and Sister, our two grey rescue siblings

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Caption Out of treats

circle of cat life


2cats in chair paws upcats in boxes 2017

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