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A Gummer & Plumber

This is a tale of two men, one a toothless sludge remover, the other a jack of all trades. Both men shared the counter of a neighborhood diner. The place didn’t matter. The scene plays out everywhere. The robust coffee, home cooking and cheap prices drew them in daily. Maybe […]

Boomer Letter to 80 Million Millennials

Our three adult children were born between 1975 and 1979, respectively, placing them in the millennial generation. My Boomer husband and I carry them in our hearts constantly, as do all parents of every generation. But as I survey the world we live in with all its troubles, escalating violence […]

Grandma Survives Summer!

Fifteen days with our freckle faced, elementary aged granddaughter has left this middle-aged grandma exhausted, happy, and incredibly grateful for the privilege of housing her for an extended visit …. as well as relieved to ship her back to her parents. Why? Let’s just say I’m not used to pulling […]