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BEST DEVO FOR CREATIVES! “Love Kate and I love her writing style! Her devo will bless you in every way possible. As soon as you open the pages, you feel and know the love of God is deeply woven into every word. I love how she left blank space for writing and drawing because it lets me be my complete creative self. This devotional journal will help guide you into the freedom as a woman you desire. I know how hard she worked for this and it’s truly an awesome labor of love.” —Katie McCarty, October 2018. 

Endorsement image typewriterPULLS YOU IN, I LOST TRACK OF TIME! “I enjoyed reading Lion in my Garden. The book pulls you in so much that I lost time and ended up missing an important appointment one morning! It is a valuable book because the author nudges you to “pause and reflect,”  which in my busy world, is neglected. It is a very interactive book that I found to be very therapeutic and relaxing. The book is important because it pulls you closer to the Lord as you devote this time to Him. I also liked the references to music for quiet time that the author shares and the impressions you feel to be written down or even drawn with pictures.” —Carol Gilchriest, January 2019.


ENCOURAGES INTROSPECTION! “This devotional will bless every Christian who reads it. Whether you work through the pages alone or in a group, you will benefit as it encourages introspection and growth. There is room to write out your reflections after each chapter. Very helpful! Thank you, Kate for gifting readers with your insight!” ——    Kelly J. Stigliano, author Praying for Murder, Receiving Mercy


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