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Navigating Fog

Copyright Kathryne Leach, 03202015

Copyright Kathryne Leach, 03202015

Ever feel like you are living in fog?

At a season in life when all seems soupy grey and you cannot see more than one car length ahead?

Ever have times like this where the fog does not lift in a few hours, but lingers on for days, maybe weeks on end?

I’ve had times like this, friend. You are not alone in feeling this way. The dampness and lack of clarity are the characteristics I recall vividly. The dullness of senses and general malaise that accompanies are also downers.

Don’t worry, this will not be a complete Debbie Downer post because I am popping in to say there is a way to navigate the fog. Well, several ways, actually. Choose the one that seems best suited to your personality.

Option 1: Wait it out. Most fogs lift in a short period of time.This too shall pass is actually a truism.

Option 2: Yield to the fog, let it overwhelm you and pull you into one doozy of a deep, dark depression. Not the option I recommend, yet one I have succumbed to in years past.

Option 3: Survey the fog. Really look at it with analytical eyes. See it for what it truly is – water vapor. Wait for it to pass, but wait expectantly … experience it with trust, knowing that the One who made it also made you. He sees you in this fog. He knows your name, your address, your frailties and your strengths. Trust that because you are not alone in the fog, that He will make a way out of it.

Maybe option three was not the answer you wanted. Maybe your fog is mental. Maybe you need someone to break that oppressive, depressive fog off you. Option Four is prayer. I guarantee there are people willing to pray with you right now. In case you don’t know anyone, will you allow me to pray for you?

Copyright Kathryne Leach 03202015

Copyright Kathryne Leach 03202015

Dear Lord, I present before you the reader of this post who seeks your intervention in being released from the fog that oppresses their life at this moment. Lord of Light, would you shine your radiance into their murkiness and cause it to brighten? Enlighten their mind and soul with your truth, Lord Jesus. Enlighten their spirit with your goodness and deep affection for them, Savior. Show them the way they should go by the flashlight of your Word that keeps them from stumbling. Warm them by the fire of Your love, sweet Savior, in Jesus name, Amen.



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