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Heavenly Sign on March 20, 2015

Today’s post is by Terry Copeland Pearsons, excerpted from her Facebook post of March 20, 2015. I felt it was noteworthy and prophetic, worth sharing with you.
Full moonDo you know that there was a total solar eclipse today?

AND a super moon (an exceptionally large moon as pictured)?

AND that it is very rare for that to happen on the spring equinox?

AND that today (March 20) is the first day of the Jewish holy calendar?


Do you know that this is a “sign in the heavens?” But MOST OF ALL, do you know what it means?

In all likelihood none of us knows everything it means, but I see a couple of glaring takeaways.
First, it helps to know that it is widely held that the signs regarding the sun speak to the nations while those involving the moon speak to or about Israel. This brings Psalm 33:10 to mind: “The Lord will bring the counsel of the nations to nothing.” Think about it — the nations are brought to nothing (total eclipse) while Israel shines brighter than ever, even though standing alone. This week we saw the efforts of many nations to influence (even determine) the Israeli election outcome. They hoped to help a Palestinian favoring, land-dividing, weak Prime Minister take office. Polls showed that was likely to happen. Yet, the opinion of the nations was brought to nothing and Mr. Netanyahu was re-elected decisively. Israel shines. The nations move further into darkness.
Some might think “this is interesting-but not relevant to the rest of us.” Oh! But it definitely is!

1. Where does our nation stand? Are we moving further into darkness or moving towards the brighter light? Thank God, in spite of the actions of the President Obama and his administration, the greater majority of the US Congress enthusiastically stood strong with Israel and is continuing to do so with the backing of most Americans. Whew! Still, we must each pray for our county and others that we will miss the judgments and live in the blessing of blessing Israel.

2. The GREATEST, BIGGEST, MOST URGENT sign points to the fact that JESUS IS COMING CRAZY SOON! Most Christians know that this is great, but I don’t think they understand the urgency; The urgency to be living for Jesus. (It matters, you know.) AND the urgency to bring others to Him.

My prayer? “Oh God, open our eyes! Flood them with light so we can step out of darkness and be ready to live in the fullness of Your Glory!” The heavenly bulletin board continues as April 3rd is both Passover AND the third of the four blood moons. Jesus, the Passover Lamb, The Risen Lord, is our SOON Coming King! Come, Lord Jesus!!

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