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Circular Rainbow Sighting/Wisps of Glory

Glory rainbow 2

Glory from airplane taken by Kate Leach

Select the window seat on an airplane if you are traveling around sunset, and you may witness an optical phenomenon. I was thrilled to see this sight in 2014, although I had no idea what it was. After coming home, I learned that my observation of an airplane’s shadow with a multicolored halo surrounding that shadow is called a glory. 

A glory! One of the most beautiful meteorological sights, its iridescent rings are not those of a rainbow, but an effect known as a glory. They are named this because the halo of brightly colored circles resembles a saints halo.

What Causes Glories?

The effect is believed to happen due to classical wave tunneling, when light near the water droplet tunnels through the air inside the droplet … and is emitted backward. The glory can only be seen while the observer is directly between the sun and the cloud refracting the water droplets. Hence, it is commonly observed while airborne, from mountains or tall buildings. According to physicist H. Moyses Nussenzveig, “The inescapable conclusion is that Glories are a macroscopic light-tunneling effect.”

Glory encircling airplane

Glory encircling airplane

The colorful halo always surrounds the observer’s own shadow (in my case, the airplane’s shadow). Interestingly, in China it is called Buddha’s light, showing the observer’s personal enlightenment associated with Buddha. Nope, I’m not Buddhist. 

My Eyes Have Seen the Glory

I’m not singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic just yet. Being a prophetic person, I tend to wonder what God is saying through unusual events, nature, people, etc., so I asked Him what this sighting meant. At first I concluded He just wanted to delight my heart out of the extreme goodness of His fatherly nature. But then this morning I read Brian Simmons blog where the Lord said, “I will give you eyes to see, and you will see My glory!” Ah-ha!  It made perfect sense as I read it Be the Voice of Hope for Your Family.

“I believe that each of us comes from the Creator trailing wisps of glory,” wrote Maya Angelou.

What a glorious and fun God we serve! Since you have read this, now you, too have seen a glory. Will you join me in expecting to see God’s glory poured out on the earth in miraculous ways in the days to come?

If you want more, here is a video I found online:


January 7, 2020 addendum: I sincerely anticipate that we will see the supernatural glory of the Lord this year on earth in the form of signs, wonders and miraculous healings. Let His Kingdom come, His will be done through each of His children … for His glory! Amen! 

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