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Painted Rocks Spread Kindness #WATWB

My happy #WATWB story for July comes from our small newspaper, Viera Voice Hide and Seekers Ensure Brevard Rocks explaining the grassroots rock painting craze in our eastern Florida county. How does it work? Hand-painted rocks are placed throughout the county in public venues, including parks, shopping areas or libraries. If you find a rock, you can place it somewhere else or replace it with your own painted rock. If the rock is meaningful to you, keep it for a while. You can place your rocks wherever you want.


Credit: Patty Rouillard

Rocks can be found outside or purchased, then painted with acrylic paint with a design of your choice. You can inscribe inspirational messages on them or create something silly, whatever you choose!

What’s the Point? 

The idea is to spread kindness and good cheer among the community but it has produced other benefits, too. This project brings families together as they engage in a fun activity that begins indoors and spreads outside when the artistry is hidden for another to find. Kids are pulled away from electronics to engage in a creative pursuit drawing on their imagination. The hellish Florida humidity and daily thunderstorms have not stopped rockers from hiding their creations, but the rains have smeared some budding Picasso’s. A good coat of sealant works well to protect them.

inspirational rocks

Credit: Kristen Kopp

When discoveries are made, finders can post photo’s to the associated Facebook Page Brevard Rocks FL boasting over 40,000 members. The intention of this group is simple: SPREAD JOY.

Why I Love it

I’ve painted about 20 rocks this summer because it’s a way to spread cheer anonymously. Kates rocks 2017 HWI love reading posts of how someone was having a hard day and then – they find a rock that makes them smile or their mood is boosted. It connects me to others while inspiring creativity in all ages. It energizes people to explore the beautiful area we live in (READ THAT: GET OUTSIDE IN FLORIDA HEAT).

More than a fun activity, lives are intersecting. Scrolling the FB Page, I read Taylor’s story of finding a rock near a hospital vending machine while visiting her dying friend, Charlie. Her post elicited readers – strangers – to pray for a dying man they’d not met. 

What’s #WATWB mean, anyway?  

We are world badgeSocial media and news in recent times is often negative and hate filled. In an effort to counter hate and negativity, “We Are The World Blogfest” seeks to promote positive news in order to showcase LOVE, resilience and the power of the human spirit.

Many people are an oasis of love and light out there, so once monthly, participating bloggers post stories that increase our awareness of hope in our increasingly dark world.

Our blog cohosts for this month are Simon FalkRoshan Radhakrishnan,   Inderpreet Uppal,Sylvia Stein and DamyantiBiswas.

If you’re a blogger, you can click Here to enter their link  and your own #WATWB posts and join us! Bigger the #WATWB group each month, more the joy!

Who’d have thought a simple rock would bring people together? 

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21 replies

  1. This reminded me of another #WATWB story I read about a little girl who was living her faith by helping others through a loss. This is beyond that and I hope that this concept finds its way into other communities. Thanks for sharing and for being a part of the “We Are The World Blogfest”.


  2. What a lovely initiative. These happy-positive painted rocks certainly have the power to boost someone’s mood and make his day. Thanks for sharing and writing this beautiful and inspiring for #WATWB, Kathryne 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Kathryne – the painted rocks must be amazing to find – I bet they’d inspire many … such a great story – thanks for sharing your local news … inspiring! Cheers Hilary


    1. They are! Each day on the FB group people post their finds and whether they’re keeping or rehiding. My observation is that it’s bringing out the kid in many adults. Definitely a good thing. Appreciate your comment 🤓


    1. Grateful for your tweet today, Simon. They truly are! Just yesterday a woman posted to the FB page about feeling depressed on the anniv of Dads death by a drunk driver. Said she rarely goes to grocery store bec her husband shops, but this day she went (wait for it) only to find a painted rock at store entrance. Rock read: “God has you in His hand.” She posted she will cherish that rock. So that’s one reason of the many we paint little rocks LOL LOL -Kate

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    1. What wonderful news to think it could spread globally! Please keep me informed if it catches on in India. Just this week I learned rock painting occurs 3,000 miles away in Washington state which is the west coast. You are so welcome.

      Liked by 1 person

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