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Welcome the Unexpected in Life

I’d like to start by apologizing for allowing six months to pass between posts. Please forgive me, gentle readers. I’ve been busy.

The first week of March 2022 my husband and I were surprised by a curve ball pitch thrown by the Father. I didn’t recognize the events as His pitch at first (it often takes a few days or weeks for me to perceive the bigger picture). Has this ever happened to you?

Here is how it played out. While perusing my email, a real estate ad caught my eye. It was a ranch house on level land in the same neighborhood we presently resided. I clicked on it, noticed it was within our budget, and recorded the address. The next day, a realtor friend I had not spoken to in a while, called out of the blue (was it?) to catch up. I casually inquired if we could see the house but learned it was already under contract.

The house planted a seed in my mind that living in a ranch was actually possible. To explain, we owned a 2,700 s.f., four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath, three-story home situated on a hill we affectionately named Bill’s Hill. Although we bought it in 2018 when relocating from Florida, it was not the home we originally had hoped to retire in. The housing inventory at that time was very sparse. There are very few ranch-style homes in this area so I had little faith in securing one.

The next day, my friend Trisha texted asking, “Would you like to show your house this afternoon to a buyer that is looking to relocate here from out of state?”

Surprised, we discussed it and agreed. Oh boy. Here we go. On the rollercoaster and didn’t even know it.

That evening, Trisha called to tell us they were seriously interested in making us an offer, what price would we want for the house since it was not listed? Did I mention that our house was not on the market, nor were we planning to list it anytime soon? Moving was not on our radar screen. Nada. Blank screen.

We set a price and negotiated a mutually acceptable contract for sale.

The month of March was spent meeting with our realtor, Barbara H. to hammer out sale details, sign too many papers, negotiate, and argue among ourselves. Huh, you say?

This new idea came at us so unexpectedly that Bill and I were unprepared emotionally for the idea of relocating. Everyone knows the ordeal that moving entails. When folks list their property with a real estate professional, it is after they have considered the idea and decided upon this course of action. Since we had not listed, we were uncertain that selling was actually the road we wanted to take … at this time.

Therefore, we argued for the remaining three weeks of March. By April, we came into agreement and the path got less bumpy but was still arduous. I’ll spare you the details of buying and selling in the 2022 R.E. market. You have friends or family that know what it means. If not, read an article and you’ll understand that buying in 2022 is a challenge, putting it mildly.

The month of April was spent looking at potential properties with Barbara, who is an absolute gift from heaven. Our connection was a divine appointment, not happenstance. Bill and I appreciated spending time with her and actually enjoyed the process. We made a new friend, rather than having a professional acquaintance. It was a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Thank you, Abba!

At one point during the three-month process, I found myself physically and emotionally exhausted. My faith in finding the ranch we hoped to find was waning. I remember confiding my lack of trust to a group of female friends. They were not much help and from this, I learned it would have been wiser to select who I confided in. Ah, the life lessons we learn through trial.

Did I mention that we placed offers on two properties that were not accepted? Both offers were $15,000 above the asking price. We later realized these houses were not what Abba had in mind for us, even though we thought they might be. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

We found a 1,800 s.ft., three-bedroom, two-bath on one level with a beautifully landscaped lot in an established neighborhood with mature trees. Trees are a Leach must-have! We closed on our new-to-us ranch-style home in mid-May and moved in that month. The three-month period March through May was a whirlwind of activity marked by major decisions, stress, and arduous physical packing.

But it was so worth it all!

As I sit recounting events for this God tale, I once again must give all the glory to Abba for His kindness, stewardship, and constant care. Abba the Father knows what each son or daughter needs and desires. One of our friends is in the process of clearing multiple acres for their farmhouse which is their heart’s desire. Another friend is relocating here from Ohio and is waiting to close on the townhouse she wanted because she is done with yardwork as a former homeowner and busy, single woman. Each of our desires is different and distinct, yet Abba keeps track and grants each the desire of our heart … if we seek Him and abide in Him.

Psalm 20:4

Thanks for reading my God-story of our relocation in the spring of 2022 in accordance with His calendar, not ours. Have you ever been thrown a curve by Abba that stretched you? Of course, you have. I’d love to hear about it.

I appreciate those who stopped by my site in the months I’ve been quiet. Your loyalty is endearing and humbling. Blessings on your week, beloveds!

Welcome the unexpected sign (c) Kathryne Leach image 2022

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