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You’re God’s Dear Deer

I dreamt of deer last night.

Deer are elusive creatures, so dreaming of deer means good things are coming. In it’s simplest form, deer symbolize the joys of loving Christ intimately (Song of Songs 2:7).

Their elusive nature makes them mysterious. Whereas cardinals, robins, doves and other birds are commonly sighted, the elusivity of deer mean sighting one is special. It’s a gift. It can mean your spiritual sight is sharp; that you are attentive to spiritual things if you spot one. 

Deer feet Ps18-33In biblical symbology, deer represent piety, devotion, and safety in God’s care. They are a symbol of thirst and longing for the Lord. They signify the ability to leap over obstacles. As graceful, timid, beautiful creatures, deer can indicate naivete or innocence depending on context. Deer feet are swift, nimble, agile and surefooted.

Deer feet are an analogy for our spiritual feet. They tell us that in our walk with the Lord, we are surefooted in Him, able to go to high places spiritually without falling.

We are asked by our Lord in Song of Songs 2:13 to “run with Him to the higher place.” How can I do that on my weak days? What about when I’m feeling overwhelmed? Our feelings change. They’re fickle. God’s Word is true always, regardless of how I’m feeling.

We run with God to the higher spiritual places by accepting His Word as true when we don’t feel like it. He equips us to run with Him by “making our feet like feet of deer,” (2 Samuel 22:34) enabling us to stand on the heights. To stand on His promises without falling. We can stand confidently, surefooted with agility and balance. These three verses all make this same promise: Psalm 18:33, 2 Samuel 22:34 and Habakkuk 3:19. How cool is that? 

Jesus Sets the Bar High

The Lord is described as a graceful gazelle, one who runs ahead on mountains and a young stag who skips with agility over obstacles. He is the mountain leaping, King of Glory! 

mountains and rocks

“Everything we adore about Jesus … we are going to be! We are destined to be His look alike.”   Brian Simmons

How can that be? Read Psalm 17:15, 2 Corinthians 3:18 and 1 John 3:2. Some things we need to see in print for ourselves.

Therefore, would you join me in declaring aloud this declaration over yourself?

My feet are deer feet.  I am able to stand on God’s promises without falling. I chew the strong meat and solid truths given to me from the Word of God. I balance grace and wisdom in my daily life, holding onto old truths as I reach for new insights in God. God has equipped me with deer feet to run with Him to spiritual heights, running freely with nimble feet. I stand confidently today, surefooted and agile, balancing truth with wisdom. Jesus is finishing the work He began in me, fashioning me into His surefooted Bride, able to scale the heights with Him. I laugh with no fear of the future for I am clothed with strength and dignity. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

A doe who visits our yard #Deer meaning

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35 replies

    1. Indeed! That is one of my favorites, too. I alluded to it in the second paragraph – “They are a symbol of thirst and longing for the Lord.” I’m try to incorporate biblical themes/meanings without always using direct quotes. Sneaking the Word in LOL. Great hearing from you, Deb!


  1. I saw a young deer in my yard today. I took video and got quite close. This is my second encounter as I actually held a fawn in the woods behind our home some years ago. The Holy Spirit said the deer had meaning for me. Thank you so much for this page, it touched my heart. 🥰

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    1. You are so welcome, Pamela. Abba wants His children to understand how close He is to us. I’m blessed to know this post encouraged you. Have a heartwarming day!


  2. I came across this while doing a search for the biblical or prophetic meaning of the buck, horns, or antlers. This is still a good read and I can identify with most of it.

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      1. I came upon this after encountering 3 young bucks in 3 separate occasions in the duration of 1 week. All 3 came directly into my path (twice walking in different locations but very routine places I run/walk at- that this struck me as extraordinary ; once driving again in a very routine place for me and never encountered this) All 3 stopped in my path and just stood there staring at me- I had to stop walking and wait for them to leave on those occasions and I had to blow the horn on the driving occasion for the deer to stop looking at me and leave my path. The Lord has used animals acting out of the ordinary to get my attention before and tell me something. I believe He is telling me that He is watching over me to keep me safe and that He will make me able to navigate the obstacles I will face. That He will provide, care for, and help me adapt to the areas He will be leading me to. It will be interesting to see if this is confirmed!

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      2. At this point I wish I could live my life without God and have worldly success (ie. just normal things). I wouldn’t be interested in revival or all the other things I used to be interested in. I would be content and happy because I’d be free and without any obligations and responsibilities outside of taking care of myself and my family.


    1. Snoopy, I researched antlers and found that antlers or horns represent strength, power, influence, God’s power through the Spirit, Christ as the horn of our salvation and several other possible meanings (too many to list). Without knowing the context of what you saw completely, I can’t say which meaning applies.


  3. I had a dream last year whilst doing the Daniel fast. In the dream I stepped out side the front of my house. It was a vast country estate with rolling hills and a large lake in front. And there were many many deer running in herds, they were running very fast over the hills and swarming past the house
    It was incredibly awesome and beautiful scene.
    Any thoughts ??
    There were many other parts to the dream and during this part I knew the Lord was with me and had encouraged me to step outside. I am trying to breakdown the dreams different parts and wondering what the significance of the deer are.

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    1. What a wonderful dream, Heidi. Yes, I have several thoughts. First, the significance of the deer are explained in this blog post. I suggest you personalize the interpretation I wrote above as God speaking directly to you. Secondly, houses in dreams signify our life. I feel the Lord telling you that your future in Him is like a vast country estate – pleasant, blessed, carefree, relaxing, peaceful, fresh, and verdant with life. The large lake speaks to me of a place to fish, meaning a harvest field is in front of you. The Lord was encouraging you to step outside, you wrote. I urge you to step outside your comfort zone of the four walls of your home where you feel safe. Step out and do something different as the Holy Spirit leads you. It will have to do with leading someone to Christ or speaking truth to another. Lastly, the deer running in herds tells me that you are someone who thirsts after God with a strong spiritual walk who is reaching new heights in the Spirit. Stay with the herd of fellow believers during this season; do not become isolated for there is safety in the herd.
      Blessings on your night dreams, Heidi! May you continue to be visited by Jesus as you rest. Thanks for entrusting this night prophecy to me.


      1. Oh my gosh Kathryne thank you so so much for taking the time to reply to me. You have blessed me indeed.
        The dream was quite incredible and I do appreciate your insight it is incredible !!!. What was also amazing was whilst I was outside a lady pulled up in a car introduced herself as Bridget (which means Power strength vigor and exalted one. I believe she may have been an angel). She asked me for the ministers receipts ?!?!. Now we live in a 300 year old manse (it was originally home to the pastors of the village church) and my husband is not a believer. I am wondering if this may could be prophetic ?!?!
        My hope and prayer is that one day both Ian and I will serve the Lord as a couple doing something completely different in the Lords work and blessing others. My prayer is and always has been to the Lord that he would enlarge our territory and multiple for His glory the influence of my household.
        And Kathryne with each step we take that we would know the Lord better and better whilst doing good and being kind. Once again thank you so much for responding honestly it is so kind of you since I am sure you are incredibly busy. The Lord bless you and keep you in all you do.
        H x

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      2. You are so welcome, my new friend. I chuckled reading your reply as it brought me joy. Abba is so good to us! Bridget does mean what you said. Minister’s receipts indicate something already paid for. Do you have something paid for? Yes, your salvation and spiritual gifts in your bloodline. Thank you and come back again. I’m writing a blog on dreams at this moment.


  4. Hi, Kathryne. Thanks for researching it for me. It wasn’t from a dream nor was it from me. It was from a vision a guy saw in his spirit as he and others were praying for me.

    It was a short vision, and he saw “a very large buck with antlers like I’ve never seen before”. He didn’t specify that the antlers were large (only that the buck was), but that seems to be at least part of the implication.

    The verse that came to mind for me was Psalm 92:10. It always sounded beautiful to me although I think there’s greater meaning than what I can see in it now. In it, the Psalmist says that God will take care of his enemies (ie. vindicate him) and then states in contrast to his enemies’ punishment and demotion, “But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.”

    What you said about horns or antlers signifying “strength, power, influence” makes perfect sense to me. I only knew about power and strength before, but influence makes sense. I’ve been in a protracted season of isolation from like-minded brethren and have had hindered spiritual growth and no natural, social, financial, and other types of growth. I am currently trying to connect with a house church network of churches now and pray that God will open the door here for connecting. Please say a prayer for me, and if you receive any extra revelation or wisdom regarding all of this, please let me know. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Snoopy. Here is what came as I prayerfully read what was seen in the Spirit about you. The fact that it was a large buck with a fully developed rack implies spiritual maturity. You said you are in a protracted season of isolation with little growth but remember that the Lord speaks of what is not as if it were, therefore if He were to pronounce over you that you are not growing, surely that would cement it negatively. He speaks of the fully developed people we will become (see Song of Songs 2:13 and all of chapter 4). In “my horn you have exalted” Jesus is anointing you with fresh oil bringing refreshment, life, energy, enthusiasm (joie de vivre) inspiration, and the power of Christ Himself. A full rack of antlers represents wisdom, skill, anointing, and ability to overcome. It can also be a robust, high spirited man. I have found that Jesus adores wordplay such as puns so could He possibly telling you to “buck up”- to be tough and resolute in a situation?

      I also see that the Lord wants you to lay down your human strength and lean fully into His strength flowing through you – a process for sure but very attainable. I prayed for you today, and bless you with every covenant blessing in Jesus’ name.


      1. I don’t know what it means to lay down human strength. I have little strength. I can’t do any more than I’m doing now.


      2. To lay down our human strength means to stop relying on our own ability to accomplish something and learn to rest in the knowledge that God will work it out. It requires laying concerns at His feet prayerfully and allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to flow through us in an empowering way.

        Here are some thoughts on how to trust or rest in God.
        There is a chapter in my devotional called Resting in Testing where I eloborate on it. Hope this helps!


      3. I’ll never ‘get it right’ on this trust and rest in God thing, which is fine with me. If we had to get things right, so much for Grace. I can’t go on trying anymore. Never really could; I just had no choice. I think the fact that God can let someone go through so much constant pain has ruined me forever. I didn’t know it was possible for God to let that kind of thing happen. It reduces human value to zero, and my thought is, “If a human being can be allowed to suffer endlessly because somehow suffering is ‘good’, then why end suffering at all if it is good?” I won’t be able to trust God because He lets people suffer in such terrible ways and they can never regain the time they lost.


      4. Dear Valley Ant, I’m sending you an email where we can discuss this issue privately. It’s too big to discuss in this forum. Know that you are in my prayers.


  5. I love this! I found your page while trying to figure out what a baby dear (fawn) meant in my dream given it was the first time I’ve ever dreamt of one. I’m currently 7 months pregnant with my first daughter and had a dream this morning of being in a house (it was my house in the dream) very white and clean. This fawn jumped into my home and was just jumping and hoping around until it just pranced her way outside into a field of great grass. Where I would watch her feed on flowers and there was also a cat playing with her. The dream was so peaceful and I know there is a reason God gave me this dream. I love what I read here today 🤍

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    1. Weird. I thought I’d left a comment for you (Kathryne) after your last one but I don’t see it. I said I didn’t see an email from you.


      1. Nevermind. I just found the email. It was in my inbox but the mixup was that I have two WordPress accounts that I mixed up and posted from both on this blog, one under SnoopyItIs and the other under ValleyAnt. I’ll respond to your email.


  6. several years ago i was looking out a window of my house and saw a deer standing on a hill side across from my house , it was a dark cloudy day , but there was a hole in the clouds , and the sun was shining through that hole in the clouds like a spot light on a deer ,over on the other hill , there was some more deer around the one the sun was shining on but you could not hardly see them unless you looked real close , the LORD gave me Isaiah chapter 60 read it, the LORD is starting to SHINE UPON HIS PEOPLE .


    1. Agreed, Carey. The Lord is indeed shining upon us and WE are the lights that are to shine in these dark days that His glory will be seen upon us. I love Isaiah 60 and 61. The Spirit of the Lord is upon upon US because we carry HIM in this earth. Thanks for sharing what you saw. Love it!


  7. I have been going through an unbelievable season of darkness for the last few years. My whole world fell apart….I asked God to reveal the truth about my life & He did. He cracked me wide open & showed me all the pain & trauma I had been stuffing down & numbing out through various addictions. He healed me of those addictions….and changed me into a new person. He has given me new life! I am not without struggles as I am unemployed with CPTSD & a somewhat unsafe living situation….but I am trusting God every step of the way. So, I was praying while walking around in the backyard this morning….and what did appear mid-prayer? Five beautiful deer running past! The last one stopped to look at me. I felt this was from God….that even though times are tough, he makes my feet quick like a deer & provides me with all my needs….and his beautiful promises…that he will finish the work in me & guide me where I need to be. I came across your webpage….thank you for sharing!

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  8. You’re so welcome Leigh! Your words are a Christmas gift to me. Writers post by faith believing our words will inspire readers, but never knowing. Thanks for your gift. Merry Christmas dear one!

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  9. I dreamt about seeing an Antler alongside a writing(which I can still remember vividly), and they appeared so bright , like white light.

    From the comment about what the Antlers represent (power, influence etc) I’m beginning to understand the vision. But I still need more clarity from you Ma’am! About the writings @ Kathryne . Thank you ! As I anticipate your warm replies.


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