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Cover Design Input Needed


I’d love to get your input on three recently redesigned book covers for my new devotional. Some clicking is required as each link opens a separate file. Or you can just look at the picture above. 

Just review all three and comment below as to your favorite. THANKS SO MUCH! 

1. Cover Lion Garden BW

#1 has third of cover in black, white lettering and author near statue


2. Copy of Lion in My Garden PDF cover Canva

#2 has title in white script and author image with lion statue


3. Lion Garden cover statue only Black letter on white strips

#3 has on white strips, black lettering and no author image


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Christian author and inspirational speaker of truth that makes the darkness tremble. Author of two non-fiction books at

16 replies

  1. Number 2 is the best of the three. Is there more room at the bottom of the photo in order to push the photo up? This would push the lion and you higher in the frame and give your name more room “ in the hay”. Doing that would make your name more visible and readable.

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  2. Hello Kate they are all wonderful! My eye really is drawn to number 2 I can’t wait to read it. I’m in Melbourne hope to see you soon.

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  3. I think it depends on what you are looking for. My immediate reaction was #1, because it had a professional look to it. I agree with the two people above that #3 is probably not the strongest. God bless as you work out this exciting part of the book God gave you.

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  4. Hi Kate, I luke #2 the best. The photo introduces you in a playful, friendly way. The cover writing and font are pleasing aesthetically and it is clear what type if book it is. When looking at thr cover I am intrigued to find out what is inside, how it is laid out and how I this is different from devotionals I used before. Love you, Sister!

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    1. That is extremely helpful feedback, friend. I love that it intrigues you (the whole point). Seems cover #2 is the favorite and leader so far. 👍😍


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