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Sneak Preview: New Release!

I am editing the final draft of my new book, Lion in My Garden: A Devotional Art and Activity Journal.  Lion in My Garden cover image

Here is a sneak preview of the front image and back cover copy: 

Do you long for a thriving spiritual life where you feel God’s Presence daily? Come meet the Lion of Judah in the garden where the treasure of Jesus’s nature awaits. He longs to make your heart His private garden (Song of Songs 4:15). Grab onto His mane for the ride of your life! He is a lion, neither stone, nor tame who wants to take you on an thrilling adventure to discover treasure He has buried in His garden for you to find. We cannot unearth His treasures by throwing Him a few minutes per morning. True learning comes in the experience, not the concept alone. Sensory involvement engages us with the Father. “Tragically, many people stop short of a divine encounter because they are satisfied with good theology.” The times we live in demand that we know our God, this 2. One cloaked in galaxies, so we can explain His nature to others.

Lion in My Garden: A Devotional Art and Activity Journal has 28 meaty, scripturally sound readings, writing exercises, drawing space and activities designed for your personal growth ride. Adapting the learning theory developed by Bernice McCarthy, Leach presents four styles in which people connect to God. Find out if you are a Contemplative, Conceptual, Practical or Creative Connector. Great as a personal devotional or for small group study.       

I’m taking a poll. 

  1. Did the back cover explanation arose your curiosity?
  2. I’ve changed the lettering on the cover to white script. You can see it on my July 20 (Cover Design Input Needed) blog post so check it out and leave a comment. Thanks!




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  1. I think everything looks great, pix and wording too! I only have one suggestion: Take the ‘MA’ out after your name on the front cover and reserve that for your author’s biography section. I think this will be a best-seller!


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