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You are God’s Rose

Wishing a happy and blessed Mother’s Day to each of you, my friends and gentle readers. I pray you receive these words from Jesus,
“You are truly His rose, the very theme of His song.
You are overshadowed by His love as you grow in the valley.” 
Song of Solomon 2:1, The Passion Translation

Mother’s Day is that time to express honor, gratitude, love and appreciation to women who have nurtured and loved us. 

To those to whom the words ‘Mother’s Day’ are a minefield: know you are loved, valued, cherished and specifically treasured by God. For whether you have given birth or not, it is possible to have a mothers heart of selfless, nurturing love. Children develop it, often forcing its maturity.

But it can also be developed through loss, disappointment and the healing, transforming power of Holy Spirit’s touch in and on our lives. It can be a grace gift, as well.

I pray that every woman would be granted the revelation that she is tucked into the very heart of God. Today a memory surfaced on my Facebook feed (gotta love data driven memories). It went like this:

“May 11, 2014: I interpreted two of my dreams, gaining deeper understanding of how deeply God loves me. He said He carries me in His heart. For past two months, I’ve been attempting to “host His Presence” daily by inviting Him into each moment (a Frank Laubach idea). Then He blows that entire concept away, simply by telling me that I AM WITHIN His heart.

That is huge! It is foundational because when one realizes if that is true, then of course He sings over us. Just as I carry my loved ones in my heart, willing to do anything for them, how much more will Jesus do for me. I have been hidden in His heart, having constant access to His peace and His joy. No more going in and out of the Spirit, He said. I journaled those exact words. Whoa! My praise is ON. My joy is full.

I had been focusing on carrying His Spirit, but He says, ‘I carry you tucked inside my heart.’ Relief. Rest. Peace. Revelation!”

On this same theme of divine love from Father and Son toward us, here is my gift to you, my readers this Mother’s Day weekend. This image is from our new North Carolina home and my new garden.
Bill hill new house 633 Forest
Mind you, I DID NO WORK to reap the benefit of these delicious blossoms. That’s what makes them so special, the comparison so like Jesus’s love for each of us. 

SOS 2 I am His rose 2018


Eight bushes were planted on the property several years ago. They began blooming in late April,  exactly as we moved in.

My friends know I adore the biblical book, Song of Solomon. So when I saw these roses, I knew Jesus was telling me that I am His rose, His cherished girl. 

It makes me teary-eyed just typing it. His love overwhelms me. It SO undeserved,  yet constant, lavish and exceedingly generous. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 
“You are truly His rose, the very theme of His song.
You are overshadowed by His love as you grow in the valley.”
Song of Solomon 2:1, The Passion Translation
Much love in Christ,


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    1. Thanks! Actually it wasn’t hard at all.
      My joy is full because Laura and I are in a good place and my heart is more healed than it’s been in years.


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