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Can’t Touch This

Remember the M.C. Hammer song, Can’t Touch This? Of course you do – sing it aloud with me:

hammer cant touch thisCan’t touch this 

Can’t touch this

Can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh …oh-oh)

Can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh .. oh-oh)

Our pastor Tim Franklin introduced communion to our Freedom Christian Center congregation this past Sunday by reminding us of the ancient Passover ritual using the blood of animals to keep the death angel away from the Israelite homes where it was painted above the door frames. Now imagine that blood having a voice, singing loudly in M.C. Hammer style to the death angel … can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh …oh-oh), can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh .. oh-oh) in a mocking tone. “This home is safe from death,” that blood screamed, according to the instruction of Yahweh (see Exodus 12). “All are safe who live here.”

Okay, fast forward 2,015 years. Our topic today is the sacrament of Communion, so ring the bell – school’s back in. Let me break it down for ya.

According to Psalm 91, if we as believers in Christ choose to dwell in the secret place of the Most High – (a literal definition of spiritual intimacy with God)  – then no harm shall befall us nor come near our dwelling – even today.

Communion is a re-application of the spiritual blood of Jesus upon our lives. Every time we take communion, we are singing “Can’t Touch This” to our spiritual enemies. We are agreeing with the angelic hosts of heaven and announcing to the forces that oppose us, “You cannot touch me, can’t touch my life, dude! This person is off limits!”  Instead of the blood of goats or lambs protecting us, we have the blood of Jesus reigning victoriously over our lives (Hebrews 9:12).

Communion creates a “no fly zone” perimeter over our lives in the unseen realm of the spirit. Sacraments/Eucharist/tabid/ 109/Default.aspx

According to the teaching of the Catholic Church, transubstantiation occurs at communion – a change where the bread and wine used in the sacrament of the Eucharist literally become the body and blood of Christ, no longer just symbols representing it. Personally, I am still pondering that whole idea, although have not discounted it. After all, why not? Did He not instruct us to eat His flesh and drink His blood (see John 6:56) as true food and true drink, in order to be unified with Christ Jesus?

Call to Action

Instead of getting hung up on whether transubstantiation occurs, let’s focus on how communion unifies us with our Lord. Each time we consume Him, we reaffirm our belief in Him as the one true God. We testify that we believe His death was not in vain. So as you go about your day, ask yourself, “Am I dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, today?”

“Am I in active relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit as evidenced by ongoing communication?”

Consider partaking of the sacrament of the Eucharist this week to set up a “no fly zone” of protection over yourself, your family and your spiritual atmosphere. And as you do, imagine the father of lies, our adversary the devil hearing the refrain,

Can’t touch this person cuz My blood is on them,

Can’t touch this

Can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh …oh-oh)

Can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh … oh-oh .. oh-oh).

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  1. Excellent analogies using the song and the “no fly zone” metaphor. Your post explains it in a new, modern way, breaking down the religiousness associated with the sacrament.


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