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Book Review: Book of Mysteries

I admit it. I knew nothing about Jonathan Cahn’s newest book, The Book of Mysteries when I agreed to review it in exchange for an ARC (free advanced reader copy). I knew his reputation as a hebrew scholar and author of deep books, so I threw caution to the wind and responded to the email invite from Charisma media.

Book of Mysteries imageWhat a treasure trove! Turns out it’s not a novel or a non-fiction book at all. It’s a devotional of sorts, 365 bite size, one page readings so unique from the typical “devotional” published in the current market. These are meaty and thought-provoking, drawing the reader into contemplation of the mysteries of Elohim. 

Want a taste? I can tell you about it or show you …

The Khatan … Day 36

We were back on the same hill overlooking the city where we had previously seen the bride and her maidens. Again, there was a wedding where the first had taken place. Again, I could see the bride and her maidens. 

“Where there is a bride,” said the teacher, “there must be a bridegroom. “Look, what do you see?”

“The bridegroom and his men.”

“In the mystery of the bride and groom, who is the Bridegroom?”


“In the scriptures, he is called the Khatan.”

“Khatan” I repeated.

Khatan means the Bridegroom, but it goes deeper than that. It can be translated as “he who joins himself.” 

“Then another name for God is … He who joins himself.”

“Yes, and if you can grasp what this means it can change your life. Most of us see God as distant, unapproachable. One we must convince to forgive us. Most religions are like that. But the truth is radically different. The Khatan is God – who wills to join himself to you. It is his nature, his heart. You don’t have to convince him to love you. He already does.

… Because He is the Khatan, he has even joined himself to your sins. There is no part of you that he will not join himself to, no matter how dark, how ungodly. So what is the death of the Messiah on the cross? It is Khatan, He who joins himself to everything you are, even and especially the most ungodly parts of your life. And because of this miracle, there is nothing that can separate you anymore from his love. He is the Khatan, the One who has joined himself … completely, totally and forever … to you.”

Is that good or what? Maybe it’s Cahn’s way with words … whatever it it, the fragrance of God is smeared on the pages of this little honey comb of daily nuggets. I read three a day but couldn’t handle more in one sitting. Rich like dark chocolate!

Grab your copy today and get another as a Christmas gift.

Just don’t forget where you hid it.

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  1. I love these mysteries and read them almost daily. It’s like a secret adventure between me and Abba Father to see where He will take me and where He leads afterwards!


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