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Now Word: New Gifts Coming!

clients-theproscloset-photo_sets-302496-DSC_1740This week my gaze was drawn toward a vintage copper boiling pot that sits in our living room, quietly holding cozy throws. If we had a fireplace, it would be our wood holder.

The Holy Spirit was highlighting it for me to notice. I studied its dents, thought about the many families it served over the years. I considered its original use was to spend time in the fire as a boiler pot. I’d guess it dates back to the mid 1800s and in use through the 1920’s, before washing machines debuted.  Copper boilers were used for almost everything — from the saturday night baths to horse tanks, for dyeing cloth, making soap or rendering the lard out of the yearly pig kill. Ours has limited funtionality and is mostly decorative. No pig lard for us.

But today I came across this YouTube video by Bonnie Jones, explaining the reason the Holy Spirit was highlighting our copper pot: The Master’s Cooking Pots.

Don’t you love it when that happens? God readily provides answers for hungry seekers (Prov 25:2).

In a vision, Bonnie was shown different color and sized cooking pots being distributed to a multitude of people. God is saying that He is distributing new gifts to those who have been faithful stewards. Please view the eleven minute video for all that Bonnie saw and her explanation.

After watching the video, I understood why the Lord turned my gaze toward my copper pot. But I wasn’t sure what the cooper meant. My research revealed that …

Copper is a healing metal

Copper has long been used as a healing metal. Copper acts as a conductor when worn on the body. Copper will help the healing effect of any stone when both touch the body (according to gemology).

God is reminding me that it was no coincidence I selected the name Healing Writing Room for my blog and that my writing will be used as an instrument of healing. He is saying this is my time to shine like copper! My dings will be seen, but they add character. Each ding and dent is a trophy of a battle won. Each dent bears witness that I have stayed the course, remained in the battle and won.

So what is the color of your new pot, reader?

I challenge you to go to the Lord and inquire. Perhaps you will see one in a vision. Perhaps you will be out and about in a store and you are drawn to a certain type of cookware, like my attention was drawn to my copper pot to notice it. I didn’t know why at the time. But I distinctly felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to gaze and reflect on our copper wash basin. However you hear the Lord, be confident that He will reveal to you the kind of new pot you are receiving if you have chosen to remain in the fire.

Be encouraged! The Master is polishing His wares!

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  1. I commend you for being observant, thinking metaphorically, and thinking outside the box (or pot if you prefer). Keep up the excellent blogging!

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