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Restoring Artistry to the Church

What is your contribution to the creative arts?

In other words, are you using your creative gift or gifts to glorify God? Do you view your creativity as a form of worship? 

A Christian musician I greatly admire recently backed away from his music/worship/teaching and traveling ministry after 30 years because it wasn’t supporting he and his family financially. Certain that this is a only a season of rest, not surrender, my bet is that Austin Biel will return (God willing) to the public arena.

Projekt Worship CD coverHis decision spurred me to play a worship CD he recorded in 2004 and without reservation, I highly recommend Projekt Worship.

This CD is not merely music, but an exhortation to raise our hearts and hands to the throne room. Austin takes it even further, encouraging us to project worship from our spirit, throughout our everyday lives.

It opens with prayerful piano clusters that set the atmosphere for the Spirit to be ushered in. However, the moment Austin’s ethereal voice enters, the listener knows that they are in for something different. Something extraordinary.

Along with modern worship favorites such as “Trading My Sorrows” and “Hallelujah – Your Love is Amazing” which he gives a facelift, Austin also introduces some new worship songs.

Much of the record has a jazz feel that retains a sense of worship woven throughout. Stylistically, influences from artists such as Sting, Bruce Hornsby, and Chick Corea can be heard, while drawing comparisons to worship leaders like Jason Upton and Rita Springer. The music flows together, combining different musical genres with the emotions of worship in a way that enthralls and stimulates the listener to project worship.

Art collage meme A Biel quote

I also visited Austin’s Blog today and was intrigued by today’s post entitled Frequencies. An excerpt:

Anointed means to have been poured with oil to denote an ascendancy into a position, but more specifically it means ‘God’s blessings on your gifts.” We ALL have gifts. We all have been blessed by God with these gifts and through these gifts.

The big lack I see is failing to intentionally grow in the gifts that God has given you. It’s a VERY spiritual thing to take the anointed gifts that God has placed in YOU and to sow into them, grow them, and engage the process He intends for you. But I’m not so sure that you will ‘increase your anointing’, nor do you necessarily need to.

But growing in your gifts? That’s an act of worship.”      —Austin Biel 8/07/2017

I intend to develop my gift of written communication through education, networking and use. As part of my encourager tendencies, I pose a question to you this Monday:

As a Christ follower, what is your contribution to the restoration of the Tabernacle of David in the earth today?

I ask this because the Church has been in the midst of a Holy Spirit Creative Renaissance for a couple of decades now, yet it has not taken root throughout the entire global Church in all her denominations. Pursuing the restoration of the Artistic Identity to the Church was why Austin founded Catharsis Worship School — to raise up creative and spiritual artists, trained to find their ultimate artistic expression in the Spirit, and to walk in artistic and spiritual maturity.  I respect and support his passion to ignite a renewal of creativity & arts within the Kingdom, finding our ultimate expression in the Spirit; to raise up an army of prophetic intercessory warrior artists in these end times.

Please join me in praying for refreshing for Austin and Brandy as they work secular jobs (no shame here) and supporting them financially by buying his book or one of his terrific worship recordings  through his website.

Thanks for reading this, God bless all you set your hand to and go bring something into existence! 

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  1. Loved this post! My spirit resonates so with your words. I have shared your post on our blog. For a while now God has been speaking to me about a creative revolution in the Body of Christ and awakening the creative gifts that lie dormant inside so many people. I am passionate about this subject so thank you so much for an incredible message.

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    1. You’re welcome 😊 thanks for sharing it. Credit originates w/Austin Biel actually, as he (& others) worked tirelessly bringing this message forth. I merely shared his message and desired to promote his book & CD. May God breathe on you w/fresh ways to communicate what’s in your heart.


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