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Finding the Time

Another excerpt from my devotional activity journal, working title: Tattooed King. While seated in silent contemplation in the Presence of the Lord, instrumental music washing over and around me, this poem came as a response of my heart of worship to my beloved King.

Marathon, FL copyright May 2014

Marathon, FL copyright May 2014

Finding the Time

You whispered to my heart, come away and be with me in the quiet. 

I’m learning to enjoy these invitations to sit with You in silence, just listening.

I delight to sit in Your shade,

You provide rest for my weary soul.

You still the ugly thoughts that assail me.

Your peace is so tangible I feel each muscle relaxing.

My breathing slows as I sit speechless, savoring the serenity.

Quieting myself before you, I focus on Your character and personality,

Realizing how truly beautiful You are, Jesus.

You are the King of all Kings … the Almighty and glorious Bridegroom King!

You have captured my heart with one glance of Your eyes,

Your loving-kindness altering my entire perception of myself.

Oh how the virgins love you! Your love truly is, sweeter than the finest wine.

Your fragrance is as rich and pleasant as essential oil. I breathe you in, satisfied. 

Religion has unjustly portrayed You.

You are not angry, withholding or distant.

“God’s standards can never be met,” they say.  

But that is not my experience with You.

Learning what it means to rest in You,

Realizing that to “be” with You is enough.

I am learning that You are enough.

More than enough, You are the fulfillment of every promise,

You ARE my heart’s desire; my portion and that is all I will ever need.

Increase this longing in Your Bride. The longing to be one with You,

Turn up the flame of heavenly desire, until it burns out every trace of self within.

Purify my heart with Your love torch.

The taste of Your grace lingers on my heart like an orange: sweet, fragrant and sticky.

Oh, that the alluring scent of Your fragrance on me will drawn others to You, Jesus!

It is time ….  to find the time  ….. to be with the One who calls us beautiful.    


October 2013, Kathryne Ann (copyrighted)

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5 replies

  1. Didn’t realize you have such anguished struggles in your life and I fully relate to your meditation thoughts and your quiet prayers, Katie.
    Thanks for sharing such private musings in your spirit.


    1. Thanks for reading, Kathy. I decided that reaching readers requires transparency, vulnerability and death to other’s opinions of me. Living for an audience of One requires honestly showing readers how to live a Christian lifestyle. This struggle is past, thankfully!


  2. Have you thought about just posting the poem? I read the first part and found myself trying to overlay on your grid, but then the photo drew me in. Not that I didn’t identify with inadequacies, but wanting to focus more on what He has done and what the quiet contemplative times has brought. Your poem speaks to the intro. Well done.


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