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Women Like Me by Rebecca Alpizar


Alpizar family cropped

These well designed images were created by my friend, Rebecca Alpizar, a daughter of the King who knows her identity in Christ. She is a truly empowered woman who demonstrates how the meek (defined as strength-filled humility) possess the earth. Thank you, Rebecca!


On International Women’s Day, I thought it would be important to explore the women of the Bible and the mighty works they did, from the very beginning.

They were wives, mothers, sisters, queens, judges, lawmakers, miracle-workers, teachers, business owners, caretakers, but most of all – they were women like me!

Click on an image to enlarge.

Which woman did you learn something new about? 

Can you relate to one woman in particular? 

I LOVE these! Thank you for sharing your graphic art talent with us, Rebecca. She and I would appreciate your comments.

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  1. This so struck me in trying to find my place my mother in law passed a month ago I was helping with all her care in the day time for over a year and I feel a little lost. I know God had me here for this time. This showed me that I have many of the gifts almost a little from each one and I know I’m raising a world changer for sure. I said right from the start Jayden is going to be a mighty man of God..thank you so much both of you for sharing this.


    1. Dear Cammie,
      I can relate to that lost feeling. I felt it, too after my caregiving season ended. The writing contract on my PC monitor that I signed 6/11/13 recognizes God as the senior partner & director of all work produced, so I praise Him that Rebecca and I were able to deliver His Word in a timely fashion for you. You’re welcome!

      Jayden is a world changer. I agree with that. Love you, sister.


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