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God is Breathing Upon His Writers, Now!

All writers gets discouraged and must internally motivate themselves, but for the Christian writer, another dimension is at work.

Divine inspiration.

Does the project/manuscript I’m developing have any eternal significance?

Is this piece glorifying God? Is it drawing my readers thoughts to Jesus or at least weaving a redemptive thread throughout?

The purpose of today’s post is to embolden Christian writers and strengthen you spiritually with encouragement. 

You are anointed, yes consecrated, set apart and commissioned by the Holy Spirit to be a voice in this generation of the goodness of God. Do you believe that? Good, because the Lord has made you a missionary of hope – or He wants to make you into a missionary of hope to many. Don’t worry about your numbers, your reach or your platform. I’m not saying don’t continue to build it. Just spend more time in the secret place.

Priority of secret place

God promises us as students of His Word (you are in the Word, right?) that we will bring life to others and grace to the weak. We carry life by our connection to the Life-giver. Did you drink spiritual water today so that you have something to pour out? There’s always time, so if you have not done so today – pause now- and spend time with Your beloved Bridegroom King or Abba or however He is known to you.


Breathing Underwater 2, copyrighted original by Janice VanCronkhite.

Maybe you are not one who believes in prophetic ministry. I do. I believe in the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and His operation in the earth today because my life has been majorly impacted by it.

I’m reminded today of a prophetic word given April 2, 2017 by Lana Vawser, an Australian prophetic voice who shared a mighty word of the Lord There is Great Breakthrough Upon Writers!  The Lord told her: “There is major breakthrough upon the writers right now. Those of you who are writing manuscripts, the Lord is releasing winds of acceleration upon you and these manuscripts are going to be birthed faster than you could ever have imagined. … I saw the destiny room of heaven. In a vision I saw the Lord taking many into this destiny room through visions, visitations and prophetic dreams and as He led them in, I saw big screens all around the walls of the room. As the writers went in one by one, He pressed play on a remote and a “trailer” began to play. It was a trailer for their manuscript, but this trailer was not how THEY saw their book, it was how HE saw their book. It showed His excitement, His vision that was so beautifully crafted and displayed within these manuscripts. It also showed what HE was going to do THROUGH the manuscripts. 

I urge you to click on the link and read the entire prophetic word. IT WILL ZOOM YOUR FAITH and jumpstart your creative heart!

cropped-bride-catching-fire.jpgSeveral things jumped out to me. Here are just a few:

  • God’s breath: as creatives, we long for and ask for His breath on our work because we know as the source of all life, if His breath is on anything, it LIVES! This word informs us that He is breathing upon Christian manuscripts in this season.
  • Destiny: Did you for one minute think this writing gig was merely your idea? I am still pondering the idea that my assignment to write could exist in a destiny room of heaven. It blows me away and I confess, I’m still trying to absorb this part.
  • Priorities: These manuscripts were written by writers who have kept the “main thing the main thing” staying true to the message He gave them. Selah!
  • Favor: great unprecedented, radical favor is being decreed over these manuscripts. God wants us to relax and rest in His promotion of our work. WOW!

So fellow Christian writer friends, be exhilarated and energized to complete those divine writing assignments … because our Lord wants them finished! Through the empowerment of Holy Spirit, we will do what we thought we could not (Zechariah 4:6).

Click here to read more of what Jesus told Lana: “Writers, this is our time!” 


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16 replies

    1. Oh good, Jac. Welcome to blogging! I’m happy you clicked on my post. Your blog is inviting and it seems you’re a busy woman. If I may suggest – complete the pages of your blog soon. Hurried readers want to see who you are in your ABOUT page as well as see something in the BEAUTY section. May God bless your words and come back again, Kate

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  1. Ha-ha, yes the Lord is amazing in that regard, right? I take no credit, Brandon. I was seeking His inspiration today and He prompted me to go into my office to review this word pinned to my corkboard. I wanted other writers to know what He was saying to them. Write on! Blessings to you.

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    1. Praying for you, Mike – That all you set your hand to for Him prospers & that you hear Him with clarity & regularity. He loves the yes in your heart to Him. It speaks louder than your accomplishments.


    1. God is so good, Heather! Yes, please share with anyone who may benefit. Since you have a WordPress blog, you can reblog this on your site. It shows up as a snippet on your site with a link that leads to my blog. Just FYI.

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    1. Oh good! That is what I prayed for. Btw, you can print out the word using the link to Lana’s site and post where you can see it. But please DO return! Blessings, Kate


  2. I like the imagery of zooming and jump-starting, it’s like a well tuned race car! I want to win the race (does second or third place count also?)

    Nice job on the formatting with bullet points and questions to ponder….

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  3. Thank you for sharing Lana Vawser’s prophetic words! I cried as I read them – happy tears, of course! Our Heavenly Father’s timing as He shares His grace, mercy and loving confirmations of truth is always perfect! Thank you, too, for the follow.

    Enjoy the blessings of this day!

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  4. I didn’t have time to do any more than peruse this….but the Lord has been working along these lines in me… A muslim dr witnessed to me about his god while I was attending my sister at her appt in Panama City. He talked for abt 30 min. I listened with little rebuttal as I was interested to hear how he presented his god. I did say we don’t worship the same God and that we would have to agree to disagree, but when and if we both get to heaven, he’ll know for sure. But… God had me up in the middle of the night the following week and I penned a rebuttal to all his objections to Christianity and a couple extra things. It began by asking for the courtesy to read all the way through, as I had extended the courtesy to him to listen without a lot of interruptions. It’s only been a few days… have no idea if there will be a response. I pray for him

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