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God is Madly in Love with you!

God is head over heels in love with every human alive. God likes you – really likes you! He is not angry at you, or disappointed, nor does He wish you were more like someone else. He sees you as unique, beautiful and talented because of the talents He gave you.

baby-imageHe is your good Father who created you in His image, JUST AS YOU ARE NOW, regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, race, hair color, or nationality. God is not judging your behavior and keeping record of your transgressions. You are.

Let those words sink in and marinate a minute.

Abba’s pleasure in us runs deeper than we really know. God loves us just as we are. Without. Conditions.

When we accept the pure perfection of this divine love, our hearts become established on a foundation of emotional stability. The knowledge of being fully accepted as ourselves causes every wall of defensiveness to fall. Trust rises. We are free to express ourselves openly and creatively without fear of reprisal or judgment. Our actions change from self-centered to pleasing the One who loves us so completely. We do not want to displease them, not for fear of losing that affection, but out of respect for the sanctity of the friendship. Approval-seeking falls by the wayside. We feel approved and validated.

Abba relishes the time you spend together. He adores you, looks at you fondly, appreciates your perceived quirks and is tenderhearted toward you.

You are ever so dear to Him that He calls you His beloved. He is attached to you, values you admires you for just being yourself and you are His person of choice to associate with.heart-of-leaves-leaf

His cherishing affection for you causes Him to call you His sweetheart, His darling and His dear child. Who could reject such warm emotion?


                                                        Excerpt from Unpacking God, by Kathryne Leach

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  1. Good excerpt from the book. I think you’re wetting people’s appetites. I especially liked the heart shaped tree ornaments!


    1. That is absolutely true! Thanks for reading & commenting. Kudo’s on beginning your blog. I followed you & am looking forward to your posts. Share your story – His story in your life. Blessings, Kathryne


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