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4,283 Reasons I Blog

Before you freak out, this will not be a long read.

As  I do every year-end, I review my stats. In 2018 I was graced with 4283 views of my words by readers all over the globe. It boggles my mind how the Internet works yet I’m amazed by the wonder of it all. So thank you, all 2,349 of you that read an average of two posts.

My readership numbers may not impress anyone but me, but I’m grateful, honored and blessed to have earned your time and attention in a world of voices clamoring for it.

Merci and Gracias for listening to my thoughts this past year. I trust you have experiences you celebrated in 2018 and reasons you are glad it’s over, but my prayer for you all is that you continue to run your Christian race faithfully with joy and perseverance until God calls you home, whenever that is.

May you complete each assignment you’re given well and reach December 2019 with the satisfaction that you did your best, without regrets. May joy and peace be your portion as you are about your Fathers business.

Keep the 🔥 of His Spirit burning hot in your heart and buy my devotional journal for someone who needs an encounter with the Living God. Seriously! It’s good stuff. My friends say so.

Warmest Regards,






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