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Intimacy Occurs in Private

Solitude intimacy quote2This thought has fascinated me recently: how we act in private should be different from how we express our worship in public. I have been a charismatic Christian since 1978, therefore as many of you, have become quite comfortable with freely expressing my devotion to the Lord in corporate “church type” gatherings. I freely raise my hands, sway to the rhythm of the music and clap my hands. Others in my congregation dance joyfully or wave banners as led by the Spirit.

I am not saying any of these are wrong in a corporate setting, rather, they are lovely expressions of joy, gratitude and love to our King for all His love and benevolence toward us.

Intimacy occurs in private

Lately, however, I have pondered how intimacy occurs in private. How I interact with my beloved husband is between he and I alone. So, shouldn’t my interaction with my God and King look different in my living room than it does in a corporate setting?

Intimacy occurs in private. What a delightful phrase.



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