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Meaty truth from Bill Johnson at Cultivate Revival

Last night (8/17/16) I dreamt that an African-American woman and I were sharing a meal. We were both eating open face meat sandwiches (hers was pork, mine beef). A favorite comfort food of mine in real life is an open-faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes, smothered in gravy … but I digress. Every so often she would take a bite from my plate after asking. After dinner, I showed her to our guest room and she climbed into bed.

That dream signifies the enjoyment I find in discussing the meaty truths from the Word of God with women and leading them into deeper intimacy with Jesus. So based on that dream, I’m sharing some meaty truth I heard from Bill Johnson this past weekend at the Cultivate Revival conference in Orlando, FL.

roast beefFor your chewing pleasure …

“Perhaps it is the message we are preaching that determines our harvest. The Lord is looking for the right message to be preached, and then the end will come. “The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presses into it,” (Luke 16:16 AKJV). If Jesus is the desire of the nations and everyone is pressing into the kingdom of God when it is preached … then we can deduce that Jesus is the King everyone wants. This is the message we must embrace.”

“God, let all of me be filled with all of you” is a better prayer than “let me decrease that you may increase.” Why? Because although the second prayer is clearly scriptural, the first states our confidence in the Divine One who lives within us by His Spirit.

“John the Baptist knew he was not qualified to baptize Jesus. Sometimes when you are willing to do what you are not qualified for … your willingness is what qualifies you.”


doubt-questioningHappy is the person that is not offended in me, Jesus remarked in Matthew 11:6. Offenses lead to unbelief. The enemy cannot touch my hunger for God, so instead he leads me into disappointment so we get offended at God.

That offense leads to unbelief. 

All sins become habitations for the demonic. First they are small, demonically inspired … then become demonically controlled.


You can’t get the blessings of one Kingdom by following the principles of another Kingdom. (Let that sink in).

This is me speaking, not Bill. We seek first His Kingdom because we seek true riches, the ones moth can’t eat, so we follow His principles. If you are trying to get ahead financially by working hard and saving, you better add some Kingdom principles to that … like giving a tithe of your income to the work of God somewhere in the earth. Why? The law of sowing and reaping produces every time. We give money, over time time finds it’s way back to us. We give of our time and when we need time from others, it comes back around, etc. You can’t get the blessings of one Kingdom (spiritual) by following natural principles alone.


“God’s silence is never punishment! He wants us to be quiet enough to hear the answers already inside us (that He put there). The abiding Word inside us will come to the surface when we get quiet before Him.” — Bill Johnson

That is deep, people but it has proven true in my life. When I practice Psalm 46:10 – quieting my mind and mouth, being still and knowing He is God … the Word does rise up with an answer. There can be times my emotions are in such turmoil that I can’t hear HIm. At those times I cry them out or use worship music to soothe my soul until it is calm enough to sit quietly.

That’s all for this time. Check back soon for more conference excerpts. Stay hungry for Jesus!  For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness (Psalm 107:9).


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