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Listening in the Dark

4:20 am …

Thank you and photographer named stocksnap!

Thank you and photographer named stocksnap!

Awakened from a dream.

Lying silently in the dark,

A pleasant breeze my companion.

Listening to the night sounds, stillness voice speaks to me.

Beyond the white noised hum of clocks, appliances and the occasional cricket,

A mockingbird whistle slices the blackness.

His sole chorus a private performance.

Alone again, just me and my listening heart.

Then a train rumbles noisily in the background, its clickety clack, clickety clack of metal unapologetically meeting metal.

Five urgent blasts of the horn perforate the quietness.

Night performs its wee hour melody to those listening in the dark.

(C) Kathryne Leach, 03/02/2015

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Christian author and inspirational speaker of truth that makes the darkness tremble. Author of two non-fiction books at

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  1. Good poem! Mixing up the various genres in your blog adds interest and variety, and it would be fun to do it more often. how about trying your hand at drama next?

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    1. Well … since you asked. I was driving my Pastors motorcycle w/antique silver handles. I’ve never driven one, so I was nervous about stopping. An orange cat rode behind me (my personal pet). The dream had more details but the gist was a message from the Lord showing me that my life’s journey was represented by the mororcycle. The type of vehicle lets you know the degree of power, level of influence you possess as well as the speed & power you will be able to navigate life’s course. I have a personal, one on one, quick moving ministry. Books are a solitary activity (to write and read). The rest of the details are private but it was a terrific dream of encouragement from my beloved King. Thanks for asking! #inquiringmindswanttoknowlol


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