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The Statue That Inspired a Book

Here is the garden statue that inspired the title to my devotional activity journal, Lion in My Garden.

I discovered him a few years back while vacationing at a rental cabin in West Jefferson, North Carolina. Hubby and I wandered out on Highway 163 in Ashe county to photograph barn quilts. Seeing pops of color affixed to the sides of barns was a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

A sign advertising artist Ben Long’s world-famous fresco’s at a tiny country church caught our eye. We investigated to find The Last Supper fresco at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, painted in 1980. IMG_1092.JPG


Roaming the church grounds and surrounding gardens, we made a discovery. There stood my lion … my personal Aslan.



Kate headshot Lion statueI wanted to use the lion statue as my book cover image but the resolution quality was insufficient, so I used it instead as my author photo.

When we returned today, I decided to tell how he inspired the title of my devotional activity journal, Lion In My Garden. I couldn’t remember if I told you, my readers and friends, why I selected this title. 

I love the serendipitous way God works in our lives, leading us to find valuable things not sought for.

After my initial discovery, I’ve returned three times to see the lion statue. There is something indescribable about him for me. Maybe I strongly identify with the woman hugging His mane. All I know is that I feel the presence of Jesus when I look at him, so much so that I hung the full photo it in our master bedroom so I can see my Aslan daily.

Until I personally look into His face, this will have to do.

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