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NC Spring- Some Joy as You Stay Home

Are we stir crazy yet? 

The Professor and I are healthy and grateful as we shelter in place during this viral pandemic. We venture out twice a week – once for food supplies and another on a drive where we remain in the car. The drives are to maintain sanity and connect with nature. 

closeup white bloomsSpring has sprung in the Carolina’s! While still overcast and cloudy some days, color is bursting through the winter dullness. The contrasts are striking. They’re truly a balm to my soul. 

Look at the closeup of this tree. The delicate blossoms fly through the air like snow. I drove out of my way to photograph it yesterday. 



A true harbinger of spring, forsythia bursts into a vibrant display of golden blooms.

NC spring white tree


My neighbors weeping cherry tree is a lovely sight. A gentle wash of color against the dark pine and juniper greens in her yard. 

weeping cherry tree blossoms

I adore seeing the new chartreuse and lime green buds sprouting on the trees. In a few months, the entire foothills will be verdant and lush, but not yet. Watching it begin has a magic all its own as the forest awakens from its winter slumber. 

Sunroom office 2020Warmer temps mean I can move back into my sunporch writing office, yay! I so missed my window to the world. Today’s high is just 50 degrees, so my trusty space heater is on full blast. But fear not, we are forecast to reach 80 for two days, then settle into mid-60 highs the remainder of the month. We love those 60’s! 

Bill and I ventured out into the yard the last few days for chores like weeding and pruning rose bushes and hydrangea. To my delight, the tiny little hyacinth bulbs I planted late in the season have sprouted. Cue squeals of glee here.   

Bill and Kate 25 wed anniver 2020Finally, we are counting our blessings that our recent trips to Asheville for our anniversary in late February and a writers conference the first week of March did not result in illness. We passed our fifteen-day period to report we are healthy. We pray for ourselves and others, apply God’s Word to our home and bodies and take communion regularly. The health regimen I instituted for us months ago to build our immune system is working. I’m sure you have one. Ours consists of elderberry syrup, vitamins, probiotics, healthy foods, regular sleep, some exercise, prayer, and praise music.

One final note: We’re playing more praise and worship music to keep our mind focused on Kingdom truth rather than disease and death. While I appreciate the wealth of news available, we limit our exposure to one daily news briefing for our sanity. Just thinking about all the deaths around the globe saddens me so much. 

Thanks for stopping by and drop a comment if you’d like prayer. Tomorrow is my weekly prayer time and I’m honored to whisper your name in heaven. Stay well and remain protected under His psalm 91 shadow



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  1. Hello Kate I so enjoy your words thank you.. my husband has been sick trying to limit going out as his body is not fully recovered. He had viral pneumonia right before this all happened. And they found a spot in his lung so is having a test on Wednesday for that praying they don’t cancel. Prayers for our family and I will pray for yours also. Love your pictures keep them coming. So miss the country. Love you my friend..💜🕊🌹


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