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Royal B & B Dream

On October 16, 2013 Father God gave me a prophetic dream that I believe is not only a message for my husband and myself, but a signpost message to His Body regarding the season we are in as believers. I’m sharing it publicly for your comfort, encouragement and confirmation.

I dreamt that my husband and I were guests at a Bed and Breakfast. I was attempting to pack to board an airplane for home, but the packing process was not going smoothly. Interruptions delayed my progress, causing me aggravation. My husband was not packing; he was waiting for me to do it. I was placing clothing into a duffel bag from the bottom. I had a 2:00 pm class to attend and it was obvious from the 1:55 pm dream time that I would be late, if I made it at all.

Dream picI knew the B & B owner would be cooking us a lunch meal to take along on the airplane. Lunch consisted of a casserole of penne noodles, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto sauce. At 1:55pm, I spied a box of uncooked noodles in the refrigerator. My stress level rose as I realized the owner had not yet started to cook. But by the time I finished packing, our food was ready for us, presented in a green bowl. In the final dream scene I was cleaning my cat’s litter box, preparing Alex for the trip by placing him in a soft sided cat carrier. I awoke at 4:44 am.

As I reflected upon the dream message, my heart humbled to tears to realize the King Himself was the husband and our lodging was His bedchamber as in Song of Songs 1:4. Jesus is calling His Bride into a personal connectedness where secrets are shared and trust built. The Bridegroom God wants to BE our Bed and Breakfast in this season. He wants to be our place of rest, refuge and refreshment who supplies meaty spiritual insights that energize us for our future ministry activities.

We have been given a revelation of His Presence as we make our solitary ascent up the stairs toward His bedchambers (the place of prayer intimacy). Beloved Church of Jesus Christ: He sees you are determined to intently follow after Him, your dove eyes singly focused toward Him. There are virgins without number. My dove, my undefiled is but one (SOS 6:8-9).

We must abide in Him or die. 

That sounds harsh, Kate. Truth can be stark, sometimes. Penny Richwine of the Fort Pierce House of Prayer said something similar, so I am not alone in this line of thought.

I believe the dream is telling us that our intense spiritual hunger can and will be fed IF we go to the correct source. This dream proves Jesus willingly provides treasures, but they are hidden for the hungry seeker. It is the glory of kings to search out a matter. God is moved by the hunger of our hearts. He is moved by our determination to obediently respond to Him and change our behaviors as He prompts us. Our longing for more than our present experience of Him has turned His desire toward us in divine approbation.

Blessed are the poor in spirit (those who have come to the end of all self-seeking) for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (the higher realms of His presence) says Matthew 5:3 (comments added).

The number four repeated thrice indicates to me that the Lord has given all of His children the gift of creativity. He also intends for creative miracles to take place in this season. The ministries we have been given (airplanes) are ready to take off but we must be prepared by taking along our humility (packing from the bottom). Packing also refers to putting the old (relationships, career, home, job or business) behind us and looking forward to great changes in the future. It may mean downsizing or removing the clutter in your life (spring cleaning).

These airplanes are ministries soaring in spiritual or heavenly places, requiring our own prayer and intercessory prayer support. Our ministry power lies in our degree of prayer intimacy. The fact that my husband was not packing signifies that Jesus, our heavenly Bridegroom has already done all the redemptive work necessary. The work that remains is ours to perform (walking by faith, using the power of prayer, etc). The times 2 o’clock and 1:55 refer to multiplication of blessings and double grace coming as the result of study and passing the tests we have undergone in the previous season.

The B & B owner is obviously, Father God. Father and Son will feed us more meat of revelation (chicken), more bread of His Word, (noodles), more fruit bursting with sweetness, bearing Jesus signature dish of kindness (sun-dried tomatoes). The pesto seasoning (basil) refers to any bitter roots that will require plucking from our hearts (this is our responsibility, not God’s). The dream is telling us not to worry or be concerned about the times and seasons we are living in because Father is well aware what time it is! He knows the hour is late … but do we?

By the time we finished packing, our food was ready for us to consume, presented in a green bowl. God is our provision. He has always been our provision. Just when we need it, He will provide our daily bread in a green bowl (provision, growth, prosperity and life).

I got the sense these new adventures we will embark upon will be bigger that we imagined. Eye has not seen nor ear heard, nor has entered into the (sanctified imagination of man) heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9 with comments added).

Do you love Him, today?

If this dream has encouraged, strengthened or lifted your gaze upward today, will you share your comment?

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