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Waves of Grief

waves-02Another wave washes over,

engulfing me;

It’s power takes me by surprise,

overtaking my emotions.


Tears flow readily these days, it seems they’ll never stop.

Wash this sadness away.

Can one cry oneself out?


A salty tear leaks across my lip.

The taste reminds me of the ocean, the pounding surf I so enjoy.

These waves of grief ebb and flow.


Some days it’s high tide, other days low tide.

I walk the beach on the days I can.

But when I think I’m gaining ground,

more waves roll in.


“This too shall pass,” whispers my Comforter.

So I relax, taking deep breaths as Peace caresses me,

a mother holding her child.

Kathryne Leach, 6/19/2014



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