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Son of Man with Eyes of Fire poem

Image copyrighted by Mary Hasz. I’m using this image because I bought a print. Click here to purchase prints–

Son of Man with eyes of fire burning

like moth to a flame

I’m drawn to you

Can’t stay away.

Your beauty pulls me

If I burn, I burn

If I die, You’re worth it.

Son of Man with eyes of fire burning

like moth to a flame, I’m drawn close.

You are a blue flame of revelation, flickering, gleaming

yet You are not consumed. You are the fire, the power, and light itself.

Your fiery presence discloses secrets hidden just for me, inviting me in.

My wings singed by the heat

I sense Your oil weighing my pen, the pen of a ready writer.

“Ready writer, the scribe anointing is not light,” You say.

“Honor the weight of glory it carries,

treasure its value.”

Son of Man with eyes of fire burning

we adore You. Your Bride adores Your beauty.

Engulf us in the blue flame that we may see, know and understand

the wisdom we desperately need to navigate these treacherous times, Amen.

Poem copyright Kathryne Leach, 2021

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