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My Milestone Birthday Request

December 27 is my 60th birthday!

A milestone I’ve been needlessly dreading. It just sounds so old, yet it’s just a number, they say. No, not to me. I’m a person who God designed as a deep thinker, one who looks farther in search of meaning, a person often described as “too intense.” 

As a digger, researcher and treasure hunter, I peeked into the number sixty to find its meaning can be the combination of the numbers six and ten. Six = man, man in independence and opposition to God (the flesh) and human labor contrasted with God’s rest. Not a great number LOL! Ten = complete and completion of a cycle. So sixty can mean completion of the flesh, as in the product of six and ten. 

GOAL: Well – that is my goal – to complete projects, complete a certain season and walk in a new level of maturity where I allow the Spirit of God to transform me into a less self-centered person. 

Since I began writing this blog 3.5 yrs ago in May, 2014, my deepest heart desire is that God would use my small voice as a missionary of hope. I yearn to bring life to others and grace to the weakest ones, those in cyberspace I’ve never met. 

STATS: My stats always humble me and keep me on my knees. Truly!  I restrain myself from taking them too seriously, but as a good businesswoman I analyze them year-end for trends and to set improvement goals. To date, they reveal 16,000 all time views of my 220 posts by 9,000 global visitors. It is unfathomable to me that someone in Finland, Australia, England or South Africa reads my words. Truly inconceivable! 

cat birthday-meme-1BIRTHDAY REQUEST: Many of my readers are quiet. The type who click over, visit a couple of articles and slip out wordlessly. Catlike folks who meander, feed and slink out. No offense intended, but people need feedback, especially writers. I know you love me because you keep coming back, LOL but at this milestone  time in my life, would you leave a comment? Tell me if my blog has blessed, encouraged or helped you? 

A REAL birthday treat would be for you to FOLLOW my blog (sign up as an email subscriber or follow as a WordPress Reader). And kindly forgive me for asking but I need to know if my efforts are making an impact. After all, words are one of my love languages.

Thanks for your loyal readership and kind comments the past few years. They stoke my fire, making it a pleasure to post here. Much love to you nameless, faceless readers: you are prayed for and held dearly in my heart! 

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9 replies

  1. Happy birthday! 🙂

    I do read you and I appreciate your words. I’m one of those cat like lurkers who never says anything, but your words are often like a lamp in the dark and they make me smile. So take heart and know that you are seen and valued.


  2. “too intense” – your words reminded me of a time when one of my friends said, “You think too much!” I thought about her words for days and then remembered that God made me and He’ll take care of me and my thoughts, so I thanked Him.

    Your blogs are encouraging, so please continue as God leads.

    I hope you had a wonderful 60th birthday, and continue to enjoy abundant blessings throughout the year!


    1. Thanks Dorissa for the good wishes and encouraging words. Good to know you’re thoughtful as well. I’ve embraced it now. Very happy we are fellow bloggers! No worries, I’m not quitting.


  3. Hi, personally sixty was a breakout year for me. I lived through all those dreaded what if years. I was free to learn who am I. Daddy God and I have grown so much closer without those fears blinding me to Him. He’s incredible I delight having the time to learn of His deep never ending love for me. It’s been five years and I’m thankful. Out of faith comes courage, courage to live free and explore who I am in Christ Jesus. I look forward to living forever in Him.
    I just discovered your blog. Blessings


    1. Happy you discovered me, Penny! Welcome to my corner of paradise. I’m over my initial dread of 60 now that it’s been two months. I was just having a momentary shock at the number, which actually I’m in denial of LOL. Stick around for more posts. Your comments are always welcome.


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