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Need to Invigorate Your Prayer Life?

The new year is underway. My focus here on Healing Writer is to encourage and equip  you in your journey in maintaining a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. And if you don’t have that, maybe something you read here will stir you to want it. 

Prayer incenseI enjoy praying. It’s one of my callings that I’ve been given grace to do. Over time, my friends and I have become good at it. That’s not bragging. We see results and realize it has very little to do with us. We’re smply His mouthpiece. All Christians are if they learn how. 

The devil is threatened by a praying person. He should be. So if you are beginning this year not as pumped up (as you’d like to be) about spending time in the Throne Room, maybe you’d consider reviewing 2 Ways to Invigorate Your Prayer Life.

It hasn’t always been this way. Making time for prayer was a struggle in my twenties and thirties as I juggled career and family. My prayer life was inconsistent. But I made a decision to prioritize time with God when I began self-employment in 2002. Before entering my home office, my first appointment was with God in the living room. So many things improved over the years once I established this practice. My small business flourished, our home life improved, I became less stressed, had peace throughout the day and worked more efficiently. Those are only a few benefits. 

man kneeling prayer

If you need a shot of Spirit infused FIRE, check out the above post. Here is the link again: 2 Ways to Invigorate Your Prayer Life.

Heaven is pulling us near. The Father and Son are wooing us to arise and come away to listen, receive instruction and partner with them as their voice on the earth. Will you? 

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  1. It’s so great to find a Blog solely on invigorating our prayer life. By the way, I tried to click on your other Post about “2 Ways to….” but it does not take you to the desired address. Can you try clicking?
    May I share with you my latest Blog at my other Blog WordPress @
    Please let me know your response, and if you like this Post, please follow my account.God bless your day, and may 2018 be the best year so far when Gid fills you with more of the sweetest communion by his Holy Spirit.


    1. Thank you, Chris for reading and advising on the link. Seems on this link the reader has to click below it on the blue hyperlink. Not sure why that is but I got there doing that. I don’t think WP likes us linking to our own posts. I read that’s not a great practice so I do it infrequently. I receive that blessing, yes, Lord: I want more Presence!


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