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Pools of Love

Beautifully written poetry. “Image is not bad, either,” said the brown eyed writer.

writing to freedom

Pools of Love

your eyes speak of endless depths

reflecting beauty beyond this place

gazing into them I lose myself

in fathomless pools of love


radiant beauty dancing with life

love seeping from your soul

every word, gesture and touch

pulsing with vibrant life

eye gazing, love, poetry


new to such power and vulnerability

my ego pulls back into analysis

what is this openness that doesn’t defend

but gives without reserve


your eyes beckon

welcoming me home

diving into your eyes

I find endless pools of love


I have shared intimate moments with men and women gazing into their eyes. As many a poet has expressed, our eyes seem to be portals to the soul and other deep places. If we are brave and lucky enough to simply sit and gaze into another’s eyes without words, defense or mind, we may find treasures beyond compare. 

May our souls speak the…

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