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Double Vision

Elk Pair in Rockies

Elk Pair in Rockies

It was a week of doubles.

It was literally a Wrigley Doublemint gum double the pleasure, double the fun vacation for Bill and I; a week of supernatural coupling that we had not experienced before.

It all began with a prophetic word by Lana Vawser you can read here (wave of double increase) about a wave of double increase, double authority and promotion for forerunners and forefront leaders. Although I am not a forefront leader, I am a spiritual forerunner.  I believed and accepted this word, proceeding on my merry way.

The prophecy manifested with a Florida dinner check totally $22.22. It continued a few days later in Boulder, CO with the sighting of two groups of elk at Rocky Mountain National Park – majestic elder statesmen grazing roadside along the winding road to the 11,968 foot summit.

Hummingbird COOur next “second” was sighting a pair of hummingbird feeders bookending both sides of the front entrance of our Boulder B & B accommodation. We stood delightedly watching three hummers flit back and forth between the feeders, emitting their tiny vibrating whistle en route. It was the first time that Bill or I ever heard their tiny flight call. The experience was exciting and deeply satisfying to me as hummingbirds are part of my personal love language. They drink deeply, are efficient flyers, have a rapid heartbeat and waste no time getting the job done.

The third instance of duplication began with the sighting of a single moose grazing alone in a mountain meadow in Rocky Mtn National Park. It was the same day as the elk sighting.

That was nice (not spectacular) but the spectacular was spying another massive, chocolate brown female moose Moose picwade into Sprague Lake from only 15 feet away! We watched her swim across the lake, frolicking as she went (seriously – watch our Moose swimming video), splashing joyously. My heart raced as I fumbled to videotape a moment of a lifetime. We stared at her a long while, drinking in her natural beauty, size and form. Weighing up to 1800 pounds and reaching a height of five to six feet, moose are large creatures!  Seeing a moose in the wild had been my desire since a 1978 hiking/camping excursion to Ontario’s Agawa Canyon. A sweat-filled week enduring Canadian horseflies while shackled to a thousand pound backpack yielded nothing but moose

Swimming Moose

Swimming Moose

tracks, 58 horsefly bites (yes, I counted) and moose dung. Wet ‘n Wild swimmer moose left her refreshing water park frolic as quietly as she appeared, lumbering onto the wooded trail then disappearing into the pine forest, her watery tracks the sole evidence of her surprise splashdown. Needless to say, Wet ‘n Wild was our Rocky Mountain highlight.

Swimming moose video

The last supernatural double from Colorado concerned people, homeless people, to be exact. Although we had numerous interactions with the homeless in Denver, we were twice asked for band aids. Yes, band-aids. A male vagrant asked me for a Band-Aid, while the second stood on a street corner bearing a handwritten sign reading “Need Bandages.” I’m still deciding how to act on that clear message.

Denver Homeless

Denver Homeless

As if all these instances over a ten day period were not ample to convey the idea that a supernatural doubling was occurring, there were more! Seriously, truth is stranger than fiction as my Dad likes to say.

This year we adopted a sibling pair of grey kittens (before all this twosome business began) who are now six months old. Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the vet bills and double the litter (boxes)! But they are so worth it.

The last supernatural repeat involves the fact that we are able to vacation for  ….. wait for it … two weeks this summer instead of our usual one week. The last time we got away for two weeks over the summer was 21 years ago in 1994. Had it been 22 years, I’d likely fallen over in disbelief myself.

I conclude this lengthy but true tale with Isaiah 61:7, “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land and everlasting joy will be yours.”

Abba Father certainly increased our joy through each of these contacts He graced us with.  We know that God truly orchestrated each instance. He has given new meaning to the phrase, “double down” which to me always meant to engage in risky behavior, especially when one is already in a dangerous situation, such as “to double the wager in exchange for only one additional card in Blackjack.”

It is a new season, a new day! You too, can possess double joy from the Lord Jesus. He is no respector of persons. This story can be yours, as well. Just believe.

It really is that simple. Maybe you are making it too hard?

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