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Day 4: Gail Golden/Hanukkah’s Light

My guest today is Gail Griner Golden, wife of a Messianic rabbi, Jem Golden. Together they lead a Torah-observant synagogue where “Jew and Gentile, are one in the Messiah.” They believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and the way of salvation.

We met through Space Coast Word Weavers as they are both writers, generous with their time and service to all they meet.

The Light of Hanukkah by Gail Griner Golden

chanukkah Gailand grand

Gail and her grandson light the Menorah. (c) Gail Golden at

Glowing candles light my grandson’s face and dance in his eyes as we light the Hanukkah menorah. He won’t remember his first menorah lighting, but I will. We’re making memories that will connect him to his family and to Hashem.

I love the symbols of Judaism because they are  powerfully sensory and serve to help us understand spiritual concepts.  I’ve read that children learn most effectively when they use all of their senses. Chanukkah (and all of the Feasts and Festivals really) are rich in sensory learning:

Placing and lighting the candles – the sense of touch
The burning lights – the sense of sight and smell
The prayers and songs – the sense of sound
The chocolate gelt – the sense of taste
And last, playing dreidyl – teaches Hebrew!!!

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Thank you for stopping by to learn about the Jewish roots of our Christian faith.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s comedic Hanukkah songs. Then on Friday, day 6 my guest will be Dr. Dean Spitzer, a self described Messianic Jew. Saturday’s guest post was written by Theresa Miles who describes what this Jewish holiday means to her. It touches the heart of the season , so … ya’ll come back now, ya hear? 

Shalom and Hanukkah Sameach! 

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