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(c) K. Leach

(c) K. Leach, 2015.

Song of Solomon has become one of my favorite books of the Bible, thanks to Sharon Purser who opened it for me using Mike Bickle’s in-depth, revelatory teaching. It introduced me to a new level of intimacy with Jesus and how I perceive Him. He is our Bridegroom King who promises to return for us one day. I believe He truly will.

As lead translator for the Passion Translation, Dr. Brian Simmons takes each biblical book to new heights of understanding. The scripture verse on the above image is from The Passion Translation of Song of Songs. It has led my hungry soul to discover new depths of God’s fiery heart of love for me. My prayer is that you will join me in this enlightening journey of discovery. Touch hearts, Lord with your love, I ask in Jesus’ name!

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