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Jesus Making Headlines in Israel

The second largest internet portal in Israel is putting Hebrew-language testimonies about Jesus on their front page, and 95% of Israelis are hooked into the internet everyday, all day.

Walla! , the mainstream Israeli media giant, is producing, at their own expense, a series of up to 24 live interviews with Messianic Jews about Jesus. In the interviews, a well-known Israeli actress asks Israeli believers questions about faith in Jesus. David Lazarus, Israel Today

Some of the topics being discussed are:

  • Who are these Messianics Jews;
  • What is the difference between Messianic Judaism and Christianity;
  • Talmudic fables intended to dismiss Jesus;
  • Why is the Hebrew New Testament not available in Israeli book stores;
  • Isaiah 53   Read more

The two Messianic websites (Hebrew) being promoted by the series are: The way the truth and the light and Reveal the hidden secret of Judaism.

Love in action: Let’s support our brothers and sisters prayerfully by asking that this massive exposure to Jesus would bring the Gospel closer to Israeli hearts and minds. Ask for protection for Walla!’s websites and for courage for these editors to continue standing for truth amidst opposition.


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