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Black chrysalis gold spots meme 2017

I’m fascinated by the gold spots on monarch chrysalides.

As most readers know, I began raising monarchs this year, releasing about 120 butterflies to date. My sixth batch is in the chrysalis stage now and I hope to release 45 healthy monarchs in the next few days. 

I love this stage most because of the anticipation. The daily work of feeding for seven days, cage cleaning and monitoring the caterpillars is past. Now the fun of birth and release will soon arrive. 

Today I’m posting a few photos solely to share the wonder of biology with you. I hope you enjoy the artistry and fascination of this final development stage as much as I do. 

two black chrysalis BW logohalf Oct monarch batch logoother half Oct 2017 monarch batch logo

May you take your own spiritual application (or none at all) from these pictures. I feel they speak volumes. You bear the same gold markings, beloved. The signature of your Creator is evident upon you! You have been marked as His segullah (Hebrew for treasure or jewel). 

Enjoy and have a great weekend! 


PS: These are two of the dozen born this afternoon. Aren’t they perfect?

And I’m including a video that shows how the caterpillar literally turns into goo when it forms a chrysalis: Caterpillars Turn into Goo Before Becoming Butterflies. 

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  1. I am a great fan of the butterfly and love what you have written here! The photos add a touch of beauty to the words as well as to the application! Thanks for writing!

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  2. I also have become a fan of the monarch butterfly. Thanks for explaining the transformation process so clearly. I still want to believe the spots are real gold. That would make the artist’s signature even more special!

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    1. You’re welcome. Yeah, I want to believe so, too. If it were gold, you’re right, it would. Another way to think of it is that the gold-like appearance was intentional. I found 400 plus references to gold in the Bible (gold lampstands, crowns, belt, censer, bowls, etc) so it’s a color representing the holiness, purity and glory of God. It still signifies His signature to me, real or not.


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