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Mary’s Journal Entry 1 AD

A fictional glimpse through a mother’s eyes at the birth of her firstborn. But not any mother and not just any newborn.

Kathryne Leach

“Mary kept all this things in her heart and thought about them often(Luke 2:20 NLT). 

 Mary’s Diary Entry: 1 AD in the month of Tishrei

Our son was born today- finally! At times, it seemed this day would never arrive.  I replay the events of today in my mind, over and over, recalling the pain of my labor, the anxiety of wondering if we’d ever find a place to have this baby, then smiling at how it all turned out. My emotions were up and down with worry, weary of long travel and riding that donkey for so long, yet excited knowing delievry was imminent. My body told me it would be soon. 

christmas-nativityBut then I held him. My heart swelled with joy beholding his tiny features. I cannot stop looking upon him in awe and wonder. He is so small, so fragile, so perfect! His tiny…

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