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A Readers Response to Lion Devotional Ch 19: The Love of God.

A reader wrote to me recently with this. 

IMG_0557“Out walking this morning with your book. I am in chapter 19: The Abounding, Surrounding Love of God. The verse that really stood out this morning was Song of Solomon 4:1 ‘behold, you have dove’s eyes behind your veil.’ I stopped right there and began to ask the Lord what those veils are. Immediately He brought to mind another devotion from 40 Days of Decrease by Alicia Chole.

It is about revisionism.

That is when we revise facts, truth or the Word of God to suit us and to make us look good. That is the biggest veil that I am pressing through right now. I’m coming out of a place where others have revised God’s Word to benefit their theology. But the good news about this verse is that tells me that Jesus sees me piercing through the veil, refocusing through the veil of revisionism to find His eyes and to stay focused on them. 


I loved how the Lord took two entirely different devotions and brought them together to speak something to me. This is a deep and thoughtful devotional, not one to be rushed through. I spend days on one devotion seeking to uncover what is in my own heart. I encourage you to read it.” — Renee from Louisiana


Renee’s message blessed me.

Now I want to bless you, my readers. Tomorrow, look for a free excerpt from Lion in My Garden, Devotional Activity Journal.

I’ll be sharing Chapter 19: The Abounding, Surrounding Love of God © Kathryne Leach. 



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