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The Blessing: a Declaration

Most Christians have heard this song, The Blessing sung by Kari Jobe and other Christian artists.

This clip is slightly different, maybe because I’m biased. I know Jenny and Joshua personally (as well as the entire worship team of The Fathers House in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, actually). The anointing upon them both is tangible and thick.

Yesterday I was priviliged to attend corporate worship again here in North Carolina after weeks of government-imposed quaratine lifted. Like most believers, Hubby and I “attended” worship services via livestream the past eight weeks. We selected Freedom Christian Center in Melbourne, Florida ( to worship with online due to our fifteen year, family-like connection with the folks there.

Returning to corporate worship was as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot afternoon. I eagerly anticipated gathering together (no pun intended) with local believers here in Moravian Falls at The Gathering after weeks of isolation.

Anyone who has walked with Christ awhile knows the treasure of corporate gatherings. Like a salad, each voice blends together in unity of worship to the One who is worthy of all adoration. Each unique gift we carry is sublimated as voices rise in honor of the Giver of Every Good Gift. The resulting effect of such harmony is that His Presence comes in our midst and we are filled with all the fullness of God Himself. That is the definition of anointing. We are slathered with the oil of heaven here on earth, glistening from head to toe with His goodness, holiness and glory.

Jenny Taylor, Joshua Wiggins and the Father’s House worship team sang The Blessing yesterday over us as a blessing, but it transformed into much more. Led by the Spirit of God, it became a charge of sorts. A charge to declare the favor of God over ourselves, our families and yet unborn generations as a prophetic decree, if you will.

You’ve been in services where Holy Spirit comes in and alters the course of the service? Well, this was one of those occasions.

It was grand! Everyone present surely discerned what was happening and if they did not, Shirley White (the Pastor’s wife) proclaimed that this song was a declaration of family in the face of turbulent current events.

So join us, won't you beloved reader in singing this blessing over your clan? 

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