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Constantly Working

Constant: an adjective meaning not changing or varying, continuing without pause or letup as in constant noise; unceasing; regularly recurrent, continual and persistent. Can also mean faithful, unswerving in love and devotion as in constant affections. Constant has the connotation of being steadfast and resolute, as in God will not cease […]

Listening in the Dark

4:20 am … Awakened from a dream. Lying silently in the dark, A pleasant breeze my companion. Listening to the night sounds, stillness voice speaks to me. Beyond the white noised hum of clocks, appliances and the occasional cricket, A mockingbird whistle slices the blackness. His sole chorus a private […]

Serving with Excellence

Excellence: noun 1: the quality of being excellent. 2: a valuable quality such as virtue Excellent: synonyms are superior, first-class, outstanding, exceptional, superb, best, top, prime, choicest, exquisite, admirable, magnificent, extraordinary, remarkable, sterling and exemplary. Excel: verb 1: to surpass in accomplishment or achievement, 2: to be distinguishable by superiority. […]