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Send in the Clowns, Artists, and Mystics

“Sacred scripture is too important to be left exclusively to biblical scholars, theology too vital to be consigned solely to the province of theologians. To explore the depths of the God who invites our trust, we need the artists and mystics.

Through daring images and bold metaphors rooted in the Word, they guide us to a profound self-esteem within an enlarged vision of the magnitude of the Divine. They help us see ourselves as God sees us, whetting our appetite for the Infinite. They suggest that the kabod Yahweh must be defined as absolute love. They imply that our awe of God is limited by our impoverished imagination.

Karl Rahner, one of the 20th centuries most important theologians declared that we need these artists and mystics to disrupt our complacency. “Eternal God, let them say what Your Spirit has given in their hearts,” he prayed, “rather than that which would make pleasant hearing to those who represent the forces of all that is average.”

dove artisticSo send in the artists, mystics and the clowns so their fertile imagination pours the new wine of the gospel into fresh wineskins (Luke 5:38). With fresh language, poetic vision and striking symbols, they express God’s inexpressible Word in artistic forms that are charged with the power of God, engaging our minds and stirring our hearts as they flare and flame.”  Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust

Abba, let me be a Soul on Fire!

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  1. Hi Kathryne with an “e”–I’m sans the “e”–but folks just call me Miss Kathy. This post! Brennan Manning! These words! Balm to my artsy/mystic spirit. Thanks for posting it. I have had Ruthless Trust on the reading list, but not gotten to it, yet. These words found a worthy place hand writ in one of my quote journals. I have not seen a blog design like this one–mine is more conventional–and there is a tool bar at the top with elements I’ve never seen. SOOOO much about WordPress I still don’t get and I’ve been migrated to it for over a year. Joy to you!


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