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Southern Snippet #1: Pink Tractor

Conversation overheard between two twenty something southern men as I snapped this photo at the Praters Mill Country Fair in Dalton, Georgia:

pink tractor“Why in the world would anyone do that to a perfectly good tractor?”

“No idea, what a waste” his bubba replied, shaking his head in disgust.

“Because it belongs to a woman,” I interjected cheerfully. “See, her name is on it, Terri.”

“No way”, they both chimed, incredulous that it could belong to a female. They seemed clueless.

Professor Bill came to the rescue, trying to help their understanding. “A man painted it pink so he can put his wife to work.”

“Ridiculous” was their parting thought as they muttered under their breath.

Oh my, chauvinism is alive and thriving in rural America, sadly. Maybe Miss Terri is a breast cancer survivor or just a woman who loves pink and enjoys asserting her femininity. That there is one mighty fine pink tractor, Terri!



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  1. What a cool tractor! Me, being a pinkaholic myself, I would’ve gotten this tractor too had I been able to drive it. Interesting post and conversation by them folksies. They might’ve possibly mocked the hard hat that I wear for work because of the bunny stickers that I’ve stuck all over it, if they had seen me. Me, a stickeraholic too, teehee.

    Thanks for your email. Due to my home computers not working (un-tech savvy, so I dunno why they went bust), I’m actually using the computers at the USO. So I’ll just make this comment real fast before I go. Thanks for stoppin’ by my blogquito and I’m very much enjoying reading yours as well. Keep up the grand work and a Merry Christmas to you!

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  2. I’m from the South and work a small farm myself with my two daughters. Men here, especially the older generations, have a very hard time reconciling it in their minds that women are quite capable. LOVE the pink tractor!

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