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Hellish Tasks

In a corner of hell, there is a woman hunched over cleaning a moldy shower. Using her brush, she scrubs the pink and black spots, then rinses. They reappear minutes later. The process continues ad infinitum. Another scene has a teenager trimming a bouganvilla bush. The dagger-like spikes have left […]

Humorous Cattails of Hope

My WordPress dashboard tells me my most read blog categories are: humor, cats, fireflies and vacation tales. Hmmm. Shall I write funny devotionals about cats and fireflies to capture reader interest? However fascinating, Healing Writer is a devotional site with the goal of bringing hope to an often dark world […]


Our house was burgled last night. Cat burgled. Crime scene consisted of one headless, grey ceramic dove lying askew on the tile, perpendicular to the tv. The television DVR machine thingy was out of place and the scene reeked of Friskies. Evidence is completely circumstantial at this time, but the […]

No Fireflies for You!

While vacationing in the Appalachian foothills of north Georgia in July, 2011 I spotted fireflies. It was such a delightful time that I describe it in Fireflies Dance at Dusk.   The following summer we were blessed to vacation with friends in upstate New York. Greedy little me wished for […]