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No Fireflies for You!

While vacationing in the Appalachian foothills of north Georgia in July, 2011 I spotted fireflies. It was such a delightful time that I wrote about it in Fireflies Dance at Dusk.  

girl and fireflyThe following summer we were blessed to vacation with friends in upstate New York. Greedy little me wished for another firefly sighting since we were in the Adirondack’s. One morning at breakfast in the lodge, I mentioned my surprise at the absence of tiny creatures to Jan, a camper from Ottawa.

Little did I realize the seed of firefly expectation had been planted.

Later that evening, I ran into Jan who couldn’t stop laughing as she related her husband Ted’s insect sighting.  He was so excited to spot one near the celing of their darkened room! Seems Ted’s firefly was actually the tiny green light of the smoke detector.

I was pleased to learn that each guest had their very own personal firefly! 

PS: This post has no spiritual application. It was a fun memory in a journal I came across while organizing my office for the new year. Hope it made you smile. May you see fireflies!


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