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2 Ways to Invigorate Your Prayer Life

Last year my prayer life for my family had become stagnant.

All through 2014, I eagerly prayed for the women attending my bible studies, for writers I tutor and for those facing health issues, but my faith for the salvation of family members not walking closely with the Lord had diminished. No, in honesty, the flame had extinguished.

invigorate dictionaryToo many years of not seeing answers had taken its toll. I’ve walked with God over 30 years. That’s a lot of praying. But I let my flame die by focusing on what I was seeing, rather than focusing on the unseen realm of what could be.

On January 6 my Man on Fiery Steed Dream  was posted which readers may have misunderstood. My intention was not to prophesy gloom, doom and judgment as imminent, rather to share a visual image that effectively moved me into a rejuvenated prayer life.

So, I needed to see Jesus aflame on horseback, for our God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29). I needed to know that He is riding throughout the land spreading His flame of truth to human hearts.

Then, as often is the case with Holy Spirit, He confirms His word to us.

Since I published that January 6 post, I began to wonder if I was promulgating fear and negativity, rather than HOPE, which is this blog’s purpose. Today I began my morning devotional time by watching Doug Addison’s webcast Spirit Connection January 2015.

It was the rejuvenation I needed to jump back into the intercession saddle and ride the prayer train with Holy Spiritprayer weapon once again! Despite what seems my definition of slowness, God has great plans to dispatch squadrons of gathering angels to draw in the prodigals and spiritual outcasts according to Matthew 13:27. God has plans for a huge harvest into His kingdom, which won’t happen right away, but will be outside our current understanding. I other words, “the bars will become churches and churches will need to become hospitals” as the late Bob Jones once said.

Through Doug’s message from the Lord and then this article by Justin Abraham on prayer, Marooned with Purpose  I realized God was breathing back to life, arousing, awakening and invigorating my desire to take my place on the wall of heavenly intercession.

holy bible gun2015 is truly … a moment to shape a better future. Daniel changed national level events through heavenly intercession. So can we. So can we!  

UPDATE: I’m reposting this at the beginning of 2018 to help anyone who might be dealing with doubt as you await answers. Will you join me in once again believing and imploring heaven for His kingdom to come in our families lives? Maybe clicking the two orange links above is the spark you need.

Father, I ask for breakthrough in the lives of my readers, friends and family. Open their eyes, Jesus, to the beauty of who You are. Let them personally experience Your goodness, nearness, comfort, strength and forgiveness. Be real to them this year, Lord. Be ever so real, I ask. The One who loves them deeply, fully, completely – just as they are. Let them hear Your voice guiding them.

For my brethren who have become weary in prayer, I ask for fresh fire, Lord. Let them know their petitions are heard, that You are listening. Speak to them, Lord, in the specific way that reaches them (Your Word, nature, dreams, signs, etc). Let them not get tired of doing what is good, for at just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up (Galations 6:9 NLT). Remind them how vital they are to Your cause, that no one can ask for the things they do with as much zeal or passion because only You love their families more than they. Revitalize, reinvigorate and refresh them by Your Spirit, in Jesus’s name, Amen! 


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