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Breakthrough Prayer Wall

Credit adalians at for this inspiring image.

Credit adalians at for this inspiring image.

Fellow Christian writer Jillian Rose of The Greenest Version penned a very encouraging post on answered prayer this week. Click on her name to read. It got me thinking about the huge number of answered prayers I have personally experienced in my journey with Christ since 1979. So many that I cannot begin to count. So many that I sit convicted of taking prayer for granted.

I confess and own this shortcoming publicly before my readers and friends. Not proud of it. Not bragging that I have accumulated a long list. Ashamed that I don’t relish answers the way I once did. Don’t misunderstand, please. Every petition answered is still celebrated, but I think what has happened is that in building my faith to the point of confident expectation that God will answer, I stopped being amazed at the incredible event that each answer truly is.

Beautiful hearted Jillian’s post caused me to think back to how thrilled I was to find my very first couch, the off white one with the multi-colored pillows that I purchased in 1984. I prayed for a rainbow couch because I learned about our covenant with God. He answered. I was thrilled! My first piece of grown up furniture left a lasting impression over the side-of-the-road chair I previously had. Plastic surgeons advertise we can “get our sexy back” but I intend to get my “every answered prayer is reason to celebrate” back!

Here are just a few answers to prayer that God has graciously provided me over the years: physical healings, emotional healings, job changes, job promotions, a major salary increase in 1998 that was not requested, just granted (that was huge!), being reunited with my adopted daughter in 1999, a second chance at love and marriage after divorce, a house near our church which we love and two really well-behaved kittens. I prayed over finding the right cat for our home and am deeply appreciative for the two sweethearts we found.

Stumbling across this image today of the Breakthough Prayer Wall made my heart leap! I don’t know where it is located, but it inspired me to take grateful note of each response I receive from God. Practicing gratitude is a way of life for me. I thank Him consistently for answering my requests, but I intend to increase the volume. I intend to make note of the supernatural ways God is working on my behalf.

I know that our Lord truly cares about every detail of our lives, from major issues to tiny furniture requests. “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” says Jeremiah 33:3. “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete,” promises John 16:24. GOD DELIGHTS in answering our petitions because He is a good Father who wants our JOY to be complete.

When we receive supernatural answers, our connection to God is strengthened. Our relationship with Abba is reinforced. Our faith is supercharged by every interaction with God we engage. 

How about you, my friend? Do you have answered prayers you’d care to share to glorify God? I’d love to rejoice with you so jot it down in a comment below. As always, thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. Pray for me and my relationship with this girl. We have talked for some time, but the enemy has come for her and is attacking her mind. She is struggling to see her value and is pushing people away including me, as a defense mechanism. The enemy is trying to isolate her and tear her down even more. I know she has some family issues going on on top of everything too. She does not have many people in her life who are for her so please help me fight for her and with her. Pray for healing mentally, physically, spiritually, in her family relationships, and in our romantic relationship. I just want to help her however I can and I am asking you to pray with me on this. Thank you. John 14:13-14.


    1. I will pray for her and add my agreement to your request for her wholeness as requested. I’m honored to be asked and apologize for my delay in responding. Bless you on your walk with Jesus Christ, Yellat.


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