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Stop Running From Everything Hard

Stop runningfrom hard


“Stop running from hard things. You are anointed and equipped for hard things, so be living epistles people can read. Stop running from hard things,” Joyce Meyer

I found this handwritten quote yesterday as I was cleaning out a drawer. It spoke loudly to me, as clearly as it had several years ago when I first wrote it out.

 Truth is timeless.

Truth remains crystal clear. 

The application of that truth may ring true in our ears precisely when we need it.

“There were bells on a hill
But I never heard them ringing
No, I never heard them at all
Till there was you,” The Beatles

The Beatles “Til There Was You”

 That’s why we never heard that truth before. We didn’t need it, then.

Here’s how this plays out in my life. God always, without fail, delivers the book I need to read in the exact season of my life that I need the particular spiritual truth it contains. This phenomenon has been occurring the past 35 years. It is uncanny, but not surprising because I asked the Lord Jesus to apprentice me in His ways that many years ago. He has answered my request repeatedly.  I still chuckle when it happens as it reminds me how deeply He loves me and how deeply He is committed to my growth and maturity.

So take courage today to face whatever hard thing is staring you down. God has your back. You are equipped to overcome, by the power of Christ who lives within.

Be like Nike and just do it!


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