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Time Travel at Bok Tower and Gardens

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You’re strolling leisurely through a shaded oak hammock, sweet jasmine hanging in the air. An orange and black monarch flutters by.

This is the sound of peace. No children, no demands, no work.

Surrounded by daisies, golden asters, huge sunflowers and moss laden trees in this woodland setting, you breathe in the tranquility that is Bok Tower Gardens, a sensory delight of natural color and fragrance. Wild flora and fauna (longed to use that expression properly, yay me!) grace this 50 acre garden and National Historic Landmark developed by noted landscape architect Frederick Olmstead, Jr. in 1929.

Founder Edward Bok gifted this contemplative place to the American people and President Calvin Coolidge designated it a national landmark that same year.

Experiencing Bok Tower is stepping back to a simpler time, when beautiful building design and arboretums were valued.

IMG_2428Housed near tiny Lakes Wales in central Florida, this botanical gem is home to Bok Tower, a 205 foot pink marble and coquina Singing Tower. The pinnacle of the gardens, it quietly boasts tile mosaics, marble animal carvings, custom ironwork and daily carillon concerts.

Hubby and I listened to the 60 bell carillon concert from a shaded bench on a recent visit, admiring the exquisite neo-Gothic architecture.

The colors are fascinating in the garden of Eden and Tree of Life design. I especially loved the golden door at the base, the antique sundial and seeing the Tower’s reflection from across the water.

This picturesque setting satisfied my nature loving, flower freak and amateur photographer self. Surely you will find plenty to love, too as you walk the grounds or hike the Pine Ridge preserve trail, one of Florida’s ecosystems. Learn more at, which includes info on the children’s garden, pollinator garden, gift shop, cafe, hours of operation and cost.

The tranquility and enjoyment of stepping into the past, replete with fragrance, music and wide-ranging color palette made the $14 admission a bargain by time-travel standards. These images make you want to go, right? If you’ve been, did you love it, too?

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