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Walking With Jesus (Part 3 in Heavenly Visitation)

As promised this week’s post is part three of an eight-year-old boy’s supernatural trek to heaven and what it was like to walk alongside Jesus and converse with Him. I’ll cover the second lesson Jesus taught young Dan, plus insights he received into prayer, blessings, and ongoing relationship with the Divine.

“The second lesson  Jesus taught me was more fearful,” Dan related. “He said we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139: 14). He explained the secret of life and I was so scared that I wished my Dad was there to explain it to me. The essence was that ‘I am God and you are not.’

Jesus’ Mannerisms

“I noticed that He acted just as described in the Bible. Sometimes He doesn’t answer questions and conspicuously pauses. He talks just like in the Bible.  Jesus is so kind, so considerate. For example, He left me to go speak with the Father but was so considerate that He sent an angelic choir to sing for me. Their voices were beautiful. Then after finishing, the angels complemented one another. Even the angels love and show high regard among themselves.” 


“At one point, we stood on clouds looking down on a residential neighborhood in the north somewhere. I can tell because the trees are different from the southern U.S. We see a man and Jesus begins to talk to me about his hopes and dreams. God told me the condition of this man’s heart. We watched as the man prayed. Jesus told me he wanted a three-bedroom house and a better job. I asked very humbly, ‘Why aren’t you answering his prayers?’

Jesus answered “Because he is not asking me. The Father will not get the credit and I will not be glorified.” 

Walking with Jesus

“We left the clouds, returning to a solid surface to walk beside one another. As we talked, Jesus revealed things about my future and private desires of my heart that only I knew. He was blunt and frank. ‘I gave you those gifts’ He said. He told me about my gifts and my secret ambitions that only I knew at just eight years of age. ‘I gave you those gifts’ He said.  He told me the city I’d live in someday, what skills I would learn and the companies I’d work for. I didn’t even know what a company was at that age. He is so easy to listen to. After a while, I naturally wanted to call Him teacher.” 

“I want to walk with you” Jesus repeated several times.  

Abundant Life of Blessing

“Jesus told me of the various ways He wanted to bless me. He said He wanted to give me an abundant life of prosperity, joy and to keep me from harm. He mentioned that He wanted me to have a career that fulfills me. I became giddy with joy listening to the life God wanted me to have. He repeated, ‘I want to walk with you.’ 

As I listened to Him describe the Niagra Falls of blessings He wanted to bestow on me, I got really happy. Jesus kept going on about the ocean of blessing He wanted to give me so I asked to hug Him. He didn’t answer. 

I asked again. No answer.

The third time I asked to hug Him, He said okay.”

Hugging The Son of Man

Dan continued, “He is so pure – totally pure. His body power is indescribable. I felt so dirty next to His purity. He is so mighty, strong and intensely powerful. Superhuman beyond description are the only words that come to mind. I released Him and thanked Him.” 


“Jesus explained why I should avoid sin. He simply told me that we have God within us and that we cannot be one with God when we sin.”

Jesus’s Smile and Parting Words

“As we conversed I mentioned volunteering at a charity. He smiled for the first time while I was with Him. There was passion in His face when I said that, so I know He loves goodwill. When He looks at you, His eyes are piercing.”

“Tell everyone everything about me. Without borders, tell everyone everywhere. The first half of your life, Danny – you’ll tell a few. The second half of your life, you’ll tell many.” 

Author’s Response

Danny’s childlike innocence in his retelling of this encounter coupled with statements aligning with scripture makes him credible to me. Remember, this happened to a third-grader who is recalling events that transpired thirty years ago, yet with clarity and emotion. The encounter left a profound and lasting impression. I am honored to be entrusted with this information which has deepened my faith in Christ. 

I’d like to comment on the aspect of the conversation concerning blessings and prosperity. I see these statements coming from a good and generous God who so loves His children that He wants to give them wonderful presents. Just as human parents desire to give gifts to our children, we emulate God our Father in whose image we were created. I believe His generosity is reserved for his children and conditional upon allowing His presence in our lives (see John 10:10, Isaiah 55:1). 

Christ Statue“I want to walk with you” were the words that Dan recalled emphatically.

I believe that Jesus, the living Son of Man truly wants to walk alongside everyone. Will you invite Him to walk with you, reader? 

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